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Support Services

Support Services


Around the world and around the clock, our experts help safeguard your IT investment, 24/7/365

Get the ideal support and services your business needs. We offer customized options that meet your specific business and response-time goals, to help simplify your operations.


Customized response times

From 24-hour direct access to next-business day service, you choose what fits your needs best.

Technology monitoring & maintenance

Health checks, updates, capacity planning, performance management, and more to keep you on track.

Grading your current environment

We'll assess the status of your infrastructure, troubleshoot thoroughly, and address comprehensively.


  • Welcome to a new level of support for the data center.

    Premier Support Services offer direct access to skilled technicians, helping you improve the stability of your data center operations as your business embraces increasingly complex technologies.

    You'll make the most of your technology investment - and be free to focus on bigger goals that give your business a competitive edge.

    Other benefits include:

    • Faster problem diagnosis and resolution
    • Single point of contact and end-to-end problem resolution via a dedicate Premier Support phone number
    • Live answer by skilled technical experts to resolve your issues quickly 24x7x365
    • Advanced Lenovo technical resources go beyond traditional hardware support
    • Collaborative third-party software support
    • On-Demand Remote System Analysis

    You can purchase Premier on top of any warranty upgrade to find a response time that meets your business needs.

  • Simplify your decision-making process with three preconfigured data center support levels. Choose the response time target that matches your particular system, workload, or application environment.

  • Our service professionals remotely monitor and manage your data center to help ensure maximum performance, stability, and reliability.

    Continuous monitoring, scheduled health checks, recommended updates, capacity planning, and performance management can bolster your workforce productivity, drive innovation, and enhance your business results.

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Add-On Services

Technical account management

Your IT faces growing complexity, increased workloads, infrastructure consolidation, and capacity planning obstacles. To simplify these challenges, a dedicated Technical Account Manager can act as a single point of contact and trusted advisor to help increase performance and efficiency in your data center.

Health check services

Lenovo Health Check services help maintain optimal performance and efficiency in your data center. Experienced Lenovo consultants will perform a thorough assessment of our status.

Soporte de Enterprise Server Software

Solucionaremos los problemas de todo tu stock de software del servidor para simplificar las incidencias de servicio, proporcionar costes predecibles y ayudar a eliminar la frustración típica del soporte de software. Nuestros expertos asesores realizarán una evaluación exhaustiva del estado actual del firmware, clústeres Nutanix HX Series, SAP HANA o infraestructura Hypervisor/Linux.

Recuperación de activos

Cumple con los reglamentos y las prácticas recomendadas en lo relativo a la retirada de productos tecnológicos cuando el hardware de Lenovo llegue al final de su vida útil.

  • Reciclaje y retirada de activos de hardware de forma responsable en las instalaciones de procesamiento auditadas de Lenovo.
  • Portal web que proporciona una experiencia de cliente fiable y coherente.


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