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DM 系列




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  • 處理器
  • 作業系統
  • 顯示器
  • 記憶體
  • 電池續航力*
  • 重量
    • High performance, superior flexibility, and best-in-class data management with industry leading NVMe capabilities (end-to-end NVMe on DM7100F)
    • Unified Flash future-readies your investments
    • Accelerate your business while increasing operational efficiency
    • Transform your data center economics using all flash with exceptional data reduction technologies
    • Scale your data center to 88PB of unified storage
    • Seamlessly tier and manage data both within your data center and the cloud
    • Provides a unified solution for businesses that require both block and file storage
    • Protect your business from data loss with integrated data protection and encryption