Lenovo XClarity Energy Manager

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Lenovo XClarity Energy Manager

Control server power utilization and optimize efficiency

Lenovo XClarity Energy Manager is a centralized policy-based system energy management solution to track, manage, and plan server power utilization.


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Control server power utilization and optimize efficiency

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  • Overview


    Decrease energy costs

    Lenovo XClarity Energy Manager enables you to track, manage, and plan server power utilization to decrease power and cooling costs. Easy to install and use, XClarity Energy Manager enables policy-based management from node to data center level.

    Gain control of data center power usage

    Lenovo XClarity Energy Manager identifies server power consumption trends and ideal power settings so you can define and optimize power saving policies without compromising on performance.

    Smart management

    The customizable XClarity Energy Manager console provides you with the tools, data, and analysis to monitor, optimize, and plan for continuous efficiencies.

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  • Features



    • Manage power consumption and temperature in your data center through a simple and customizable management console
    • Monitor room, row, rack, and device levels at the data center
    • Track platform, CPU, and memory power consumption as well as inlet temperature

    Optimize and Plan

    • Set power limits and policies
    • Optimize power use through cooling, low-utilization, and workload placement analysis as well as server power characteristics
    • Reduce platform power consumption during power supply event
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