ThinkAgile HX Series

ThinkAgile HX Series

ThinkAgile HX Series


Lenovo ThinkAgile HX 系列專為在橫向擴充叢集中輕鬆部署和管理,且會在 Lenovo 高度可靠且可擴充的伺服器上結合 Nutanix 軟體。這些應用程式搭載完全整合式、測試和配置,如此您就能大幅加速縮短實現價值的時間並減少基礎架構維護作業。


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  • 功能


    Blazing-fast workloads

    Now enhanced with new second-generation Intel® processors for even faster performance, the ThinkAgile HX portfolio is optimized for a broad set of virtualized workloads, including Remote Office Branch Office; file, print, and email applications; analytics; and in-memory databases. Lenovo platforms hold the highest number of performance world records and have ranked #1 in reliability for six consecutive years. Leverage Lenovo’s best recipe, validated HX workload Reference Architectures to accelerate your applications, at any scale, all the time.

    Lenovo ThingAgile Series HX7520 Front View

    Simplify your IT

    IT infrastructures are complex, costly, and difficult to manage. Multiple generations and varieties of servers and storage devices require IT departments to focus on maintenance instead of new projects. Lenovo ThinkAgile HX Series helps break down IT silos to dramatically reduce server, storage, and virtualization complexity in data centers of all sizes. Gain up to 2.8x storage TCO savings. Leverage one-click firmware updates, planning, and insights, plus unique Lenovo/Nutanix Prism integration for simplified management and operations.

    Lenovo ThinkAgile Series HX7520 Detail View of Left Side VGA Port and Sockets

    Increase your freedom

    The reliable, scalable ThinkAgile HX building blocks ship from Lenovo factories to enable up to 85% faster deployment. Rack options, plus any combination of Lenovo servers, storage, and networking devices, are available for maximum deployment flexibility. Choose from a broad, versatile portfolio with flexible processor, drive, and GPU options, optimized for your workloads. Leverage Lenovo ThinkAgile Advantage for a seamless end-to-end experience. Gain the freedom to focus on your core business.

    ThinkAgile HX Certified Nodes
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  • What's New

    What's New

    增強的 ThinkAgile HX 產品組合,可更快速地實現工作負荷效能

    利用 Lenovo 完全更新的 ThinkAgile HX 產品組合,還能更快速地執行業務關鍵型工作負荷。現在,運用全新、更快速的第二代 Intel 處理器及記憶體,以及 Lenovo 平台領先業界的執行時間,您可以永遠加速任何工作負荷,包含用戶端虛擬化、DevOps、SQL 資料庫和任務關鍵型 Blockchain 和 SAP HANA,無論規模為何。

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    永遠自信地在 ThinkAgile HX 平台上執行任何工作負荷,無論規模為何。

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