At Lenovo, we offer a broad portfolio of services that can make your IT run smoother. These include:

    Warranty Upgrade/Extension


    Whether it’s a simple coffee spill or a major system failure, the consequences can vary significantly. The key is ensure that the potential fallout from any downtime – including productivity and data loss – is minimal. 


    With our trained technicians, diagnostic tools, and Lenovo Qualified parts, we offer you greater peace of mind by helping to:

    • Increase system uptime
    • Minimize unplanned operating & maintenance expenses 
    • Safeguard your data  
    • Control IT spending better with fixed-term, fixed-cost services.

    Lenovo Warranty & Protection offers a full range of award-winning, flexible services, including:

    Warranty Services:

    • Depot Service: Covers parts, labor, and delivery to/from a repair center. Learn more
    • Onsite Service: Covers parts, labor, and technician visits. Learn more
    • Warranty Extension: Fixed-term, fixed-cost service - for up to five years (depending on the product). Learn more
    • International Warranty Service: Covers critical warranty repairs when traveling overseas. Learn more
    • Sealed Battery Warranty Service: Covers ThinkPad battery replacements and onsite/depot installation. Learn more
    • Tech Installation Service: Covers onsite installation of replacement parts. Learn more
    • Priority Technical Support: Fixed-term, fixed-cost warranty options and technical support. Learn more

    Protection Services:

    • Accidental Damage Protection: Goes beyond standard warranty to cover damage due to unintentional spills, bumps, electrical surges, and other accidents. Learn more
    • Keep your Drive: In the unlikely event of system failure, you can retain your Lenovo hard drive and business data. Learn more

    To learn more about our full range of services, click here.

    Accidental Damage Protection


    As an organization grows so does the complexity of its IT asset portfolio – from fixed assets, such as servers and desktops, to mobile devices, such as tablets and notebooks. To run efficiently, each of these products requires different skill sets, knowledge, and support services.


    At Lenovo, we offer single-source support solutions - with global coverage and reliable and proven product-specific expertise - for the following machines and devices:

    • ThinkStation: A full range of ThinkStation services to meet your varying needs.
    • Tablets: Configuring and securing tablets to match your specific equirements.
    • Chromebook: Planning, setting up, and managing Chromebook deployments & rollouts. Learn more


    Award-winning service

    For less downtime and more productivity, Lenovo offers award-winning services levels - supported by a leading supply chain, world-class parts availability, and over 200 years' worth of imaging experience.

    Designed to help you get the most from your IT, our full portfolio of ThinkStation services include:

    • Best-in-class Response: including onsite and 24/7 4-hour service response.
    • Enterprise Security & Asset Management: includes factory encryption and keep your drive.
    • Priority Technical Support: with direct access to level 2 technicians, 24/7.
    • Streamlined Deployment: with factory integration and automated deployment.
    • Online Data Backup: automated protection from data loss.

    For more information on how to get the most from your IT, click here.


    For extra peace of mind.

    ThinkPad Tablets are not just optimized to deliver the best of performance. They are also the only tablet to offer a full portfolio of enterprise-level services.

    Delivering a single-source solution with global coverage and reliable, product-specific expertise that your organization can rely on, our services include:
    • Warranty Extensions: protection beyond the base warranty.
    • Warranty Upgrades: convenient repairs at your home or business*.
    • Accidental Damage Protection: safeguard from non-warranted accidents*.
    • Priority Technical Support: Fast, direct access to advanced Android™ expertise*.
    • Transition Services: Custom, secure, easy deployments.

    * Availability may vary by region

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