HK Leal Club Primary and Secondary School Offer

How to enjoy Leal Club Primary and Secondary School Offer

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Please Read Lenovo Hong Kong eShop Leal Club Terms of Use and click “VISIT LEAL CLUB” To Find Deals

Lenovo Hong Kong eShop Leal Club Terms of Use

1. Only Eligible Purchaser# may enjoy the offers and discounts provided by Lenovo (Hong Kong) eShop Leal Club (“Leal Club”).

2. Each Eligible Purchaser# can only enjoy the offer once within the promotion period.

3. All orders submitted in Leal Club requires Offer Eligibility Verification* to ensure the orders submitted at Leal Club are by Eligible Purchasers#.

4. If Eligible Purchasers opt to use credit cards to settle payment for the orders, Lenovo (Hong Kong) will authorize the order amount on the credit card once the order is submitted. Lenovo (Hong Kong) will not charge your credit card until the order is shipped.

5. After customer has provided the documents or information for Offer Eligibility Verification*, Lenovo will notify customer via email regardless of the verification result within 3 business days.

6. If customer fails to provide Lenovo (Hong Kong) the required documents or information for Offer Eligibility Verification* within 3 days after the order is submitted, or Lenovo (Hong Kong) determines that the customer is not an Eligible Purchaser# whether through Offer Eligibility Verification* or otherwise, the submitted order shall be deemed cancelled immediately. After the order cancellation, the credit authorization will be released not less than 5 to 15 business days.

7. If the customer has completed and successfully passed the Offer Eligibility Verification*, Lenovo (Hong Kong) will officially accept the order.

8. Once the customer has submitted an order, no order cancellation or alteration will be accepted.

9. All products purchased from Lenovo (Hong Kong) eShop Leal Club cannot be refunded. Product exchange is only acceptable if Lenovo (Hong Kong) at its sole discretion determines that the product is defective. The customer shall notify Lenovo Hong Kong eShop Customer Service via within 7 calendar days after product delivery of the defectiveness of the product and bring the product to Lenovo Service Centre at his or herown cost for inspection within [x] calendar days after [insert the triggering event from when the clock starts to click.

10. In case of disputes, decision of Lenovo (Hong Kong)shall be final and conclusive.

#Eligible Purchasers refer to the customers who are eligible to enjoy the Leal Club offer according to the promotion terms and conditions at the time when the order is submitted at Leal Club.

*Offer Eligibility Verification refers to the process through which the customers are required to provide the relevant information to prove their eligibility for the offer. . The information required for Offer Eligibility Verification may vary subject to the promotion terms and conditions at the time the order is submitted in Leal Club.

You may find the promotion terms and conditions on “DEALS” page of the Leal Club.