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    • Videoconferencing
    • Spreadsheets, research, & reports
    • Data security
    • Photo / video editing
    • Music / sound mixing
    • Design & engineering applications
    Creativity & Entertainment
    Creativity & Entertainment
    • Homework & reports
    • Online research & reports
    • Rugged & durable
    • MMORPGs & first-person shooters
    • Graphics-intensive games
    • Immersive sound & graphics
    • Keep up with friends & family
    • Pay bills & manage finances
    • Watch videos online
    Family / Everyday Use
    Family / Everyday Use
Browse By Type

    • Familiar desktop design
    • Semi-permanent atop or under desk or table
    • Rugged and durable
    • Requires monitor
    Traditional Tower
    Traditional Tower
    • Compact space-saver
    • Easy to relocate
    • Less noticeable
    • Requires monitor
    Small Form Factor
    Small Form Factor
    • Slim and stylish space-saver
    • Efficient and contemporary
    • Processor and monitor in same unit
    • Ultra-compact & lightweight
    • Easy to take anywhere
    • Requires monitor
    • Network computer for use with server
    • Compact design
    • Requires monitor
    Thin Client
    Thin Client
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  • ThinkCentre

    • Powered for productivity
    • Rock-solid reliability and security
    • Manageability features for business

  • IdeaCentre

    • Responsive performance
    • Refined design
    • Built to meet your needs

  • Lenovo

    • Versatile home systems
    • Enhanced multimedia
    • Variety of designs and finishes

  • Legion

    Powerful gaming performance
    Refined designs
    Cubes and towers

Premium Performance, Solid Reliability

M Series Towers: M Series Towers
Dependable and productive, M Series Towers are a boon to any IT team. These industry-leading business machines are also stable and manageable, making them the perfect solution for any corporate rollout.
Starting at: HK$ 3,415.00

Starting at:
HK$ 3,415.00

M Series SFF: M Series SFF
Dependable and productive, M Series small form factors are a boon to any IT team. These industry-leading business machines are also stable, manageable, & compact, making them the perfect solution for any corporate rollout.
Starting at: HK$ 3,886.00

Starting at:
HK$ 3,886.00

M Series Tiny: M Series Tiny
M Series Tiny desktops provide big-business performance with impressive processing power and 15 months of platform stability — all while remaining energy-efficient and saving you space.
Starting at: HK$ 3,778.00

Starting at:
HK$ 3,778.00

M Series All-in-Ones: M Series All-in-Ones
With their minimal footprint, clutter-free design, and professional appearance, these all-in-ones are a welcome addition to the corporate desk. They also enable serious enterprise-level productivity while meeting even the most demanding budgets.
Starting at: HK$ 7,242.00

Starting at:
HK$ 7,242.00

Reliable Performance, Impressive Style

Ideacentre AIO 300 Series: Ideacentre AIO 300 Series
Powerful All-You-Need All-in-One.
High-performance AIO for home productivity. Sleek and powerful.
Starting at: HK$ 5,999.00

Starting at:
HK$ 5,999.00

AIO 300 : Lenovo Ideacentre AIO 300 Series
Space-saving AIO
Easy to upgrade
Starting at: HK$ 9,999.00

Starting at:
HK$ 9,999.00

500 series: Lenovo Ideacentre 500 Series
Easy to use & powerful
Fast, reliable, & secure
Ideal for the whole family
Starting at: HK$ 8,094.00

Starting at:
HK$ 8,094.00

Innovative Design, Responsive Performance

V Series All-in-Ones: V Series AIO
Space-Saving All-in-One PCs for Small Business
Starting at: HK$ 7,010.10

Starting at:
HK$ 7,010.10

Stylish looks, savage performance

Legion C Series Cubes: Legion C730
Powerful gaming PCs that fit anywhere and are easy to upgrade.
Starting at:

T Series Towers: Lenovo Legion T730 Tower
Stylish on the outside, savage on the inside.
Starting at: HK$ 8,094.00

Starting at:
HK$ 8,094.00

From traditional desktop and monitor setups to stylish all-in-one PCs, from business and gaming powerhouses to family-friendly entertainment setups: Lenovo has the right desktop for you.

  • Performance desktops for professionals , and gamers who demand serious horsepower.
  • Sleek, stylish all-in-one desktops for business, gaming, and family fun.
  • Budget desktops that deliver value without sacrificing on performance.
  • Groundbreaking compact desktops for your home and office

Business Desktops

ThinkCentre desktops power the work lives of professionals across the world. Engineered to maximize productivity, they’re durable, reliable, and secure. Form factors range from traditional tower desktops to ultracompact powerhouses to streamlined all-in-ones.

Gaming Desktops

Dominate your competitors with Lenovo Legion, hardcore upgradable gaming desktops that boast powerful discrete graphics, high-end processors, and maxed-out storage and memory. Choose among towers, compact, cool-looking cube models, and all-in-ones.

Family and Entertainment Desktops

Whether you’re looking for a stylish entertainment all-in-one desktop, an easy-to-upgrade tower powerhouse, a reliable family desktop – or even a desktop so small it can fit in your pocket – Lenovo has a PC to hit your sweet spot. We even offer an innovative portable all-in-one that also serves as a giant tabletop tablet.

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