ThinkSystem NE10032O RackSwitch

Lenovo ThinkSystem NE10032O

ThinkSystem NE10032O RackSwitch

ONIE 100GbE aggregation spine switch

  • High-performance data center ONIE switch
  • Capacity to handle all spine aggregation and Big Data or HPC leaf applications
  • Cumulus Linux option available

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    ONIE 100GbE aggregation spine switch

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    Digital transformation

    The NE10032O is a spine or leaf switch and is an excellent choice for Big Data, HPC and all spine aggregation applications. New technologies and workloads are driving change into data center networks. Evolving cloud network designs require flexibility with hardware and OS. Lenovo ThinkSystem 100GbE RackSwitch offers best-of-breed reliable hardware for high-speed applications with support for modular OS.

    Lenovo ThinkSystem NE10032O Front

    Open network flexibility

    The NE10032O is a high-performance 100G switch that includes Open Networking Interface Environment (ONIE). Based on open standards and advanced switch hardware, the NE10032O extends your software options to disaggregated (stand-alone) operating systems, such as Cumulus Linux. This offers customers a choice of OS for their modern data center and eliminates vendor lock-in.

    Cumulus Operating System

    Reliable performance

    The NE10032O offers 100GbE connectivity with the low latency and high throughput required to reduce overbooking in the most advanced and large-scale data centers. Designed for data center, it has airflow options with hot swap, redundant power and fans for maximum reliability, compatibility and serviceability. As an ONIE switch, it offers a growing list of supported operating systems.

    Lenovo ThinkSystem NE10032O Rear View
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