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Government Computing

Relentless focus on reliability, security, and innovation:

  • Award-winning technology that meets government IT standards
  • PC and PC+ devices to help you meet your budget challenges
  • Backed by industry-leading government services
Lenovo Services

Lenovo® Services Expertise and results

Smarter IT demands more than just innovative, reliable hardware – you also need the big ideas that make it all work. From centralized imaging and asset tagging to a comprehensive range of warranty and service options, Lenovo government services can help you find ways to maximize critical IT dollars while improving how you deliver technology to users and citizens.

  • US-based sales and technical support
  • In-Place Migration for easy OS upgrades
  • Pre-deployment imaging, asset tagging, and other services
  • Superior warranty and repair services
  • Secure Asset Recovery and Keep Your Drive services
Lenovo Laptops

ThinkPad® laptops: Government-grade mobile productivity

Lenovo’s government laptops are designed for secure, no-compromise mobile productivity. Built to go farther, work longer, and do more, Lenovo ThinkPad and ThinkPad Ultrabook™ PCs deliver mission-critical performance where you need it most.

  • Cloud-ready technology designed to securely enable your BYOD initiatives
  • Meet 11 MIL-SPEC durability specifications out of the box
  • TAA-compliant; OPAL drive options
  • Industry-leading quality and reliability
  • Full range of mobility and docking station accessories

Explore ThinkPad and Ultrabook™ options.

Lenovo Desktops

ThinkCentre® desktops New ideas for new priorities

Even as cloud computing gets all of the attention, state and local agencies still need reliable desktop computing power to get the job done. Lenovo ThinkCentre desktops combine massive Intel® Core™ processing power and superior manageability in a wide range of innovative new form factors that save space and energy. Our lineup includes our award-winning 1-liter sized Tiny series, traditional tower desktops, and our All-in-One space savers:

  • Featuring ThinkCentre M73 and M93p Tiny models
  • Intuitive and innovative M73z and M93z All-In-One form factor
  • Ultraefficient power options and robust green certifications

Reboot desktop expectations with ThinkCentre.

Lenovo Tablets

ThinkPad® tablets and Ultrabook™ convertibles The power of mobile touch

The rise of tablet and touch technology is driven by big potential and even bigger user expectations. Lenovo ThinkPad tablets, convertibles, and Ultrabook™ convertibles give your agencies the future-ready power of touch that allows you to leverage touch technology now and tomorrow. Read more about our innovative Thinkpad X1 Carbon, Helix, Yoga, and Tablet solutions.

  • Anywhere mobility, PC performance
  • Collect, create, and share important data on the go
  • Windows 8 optimized for touch technology and powerful mobile productivity
Get the power of ThinkPad.
Lenovo Workstations

ThinkStation® workstations Big power for important tasks

The most important tasks deserve superior workstation support for your state and local agency. Lenovo ThinkStation® workstations give your CAD, GIS, multimedia, and other heavy-duty computing needs Intel® Xeon® multicore performance backed with legendary Lenovo reliability as well as robust security and manageability.

  • ISV-certified portfolio
  • Dual-core Intel® Xeon® support
  • Ultrafast memory and graphics performance
  • Wide range of storage options
Power on with ThinkStation performance.
Lenovo Servers

ThinkServer® servers A new standard for government

No matter what your environment looks like, servers are still at the heart of your network infrastructure. Your agency can rely on Lenovo ThinkServer® performance to supercharge everything from local print and file server needs to high I/O virtualization support and unprecedented database performance, breakthrough efficiency, and easy manageability and support.

  • Lightning-fast 1U and 2U rack-mount and tower options
  • Optimized for thermal, noise, and power efficiency
  • Maximize server and grid efficiency with ThinkServer Smart Grid power-management tool
Lenovo Monitors

ThinkVision® displays A bigger, brighter picture

Whether you use traditional desktops or new mobile devices, large crisp displays make for better productivity, fast sharing of important content, and a stronger overall user experience. Lenovo ThinkVision displays are designed to deliver crisp, immersive visuals while requiring less power and space and meeting a long list of environmental qualifications and awards.

  • Ergonomically friendly and flexible
  • Ideal for crowded workspaces
  • Easy setup and operation
  • Available in 17”, 19”, 19” wide, 22” wide, and 24” wide

Lenovo accessories Stretch your investment

From stylish carrying cases to an extra power adapter for easier mobility, choose from a wide range of Lenovo and leading brand accessories to extend the value of your Lenovo technology investment. Built for quality and optimized for real-world usability, our accessories help you stay connected and productive, no matter the task.

  • Port replicators and docks for more flexible computing
  • Cases and sleeves for on-the-go protection
  • Critical printing and imaging solutions

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