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VDI and cloud infographic

Where VDI ends and the cloud begins

The success of data center virtualization and server-based computing led to inevitable efforts to virtualize desktop computing as well. Agencies have relied on VDI to stretch resources and applications, but is it the right choice for today’s needs around user mobility and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)? This infographic, Where VDI Ends and the Cloud Begins, takes a closer look at new demands and new ideas for meeting them.

  • What do users need?
  • Where is VDI leaving users behind?
  • How can you better invest precious IT dollars?

See where VDI ends and the cloud begins.

VDI executive summary

Making smarter VDI decisions

Whether you choose to expand existing VDI investments or move to the cloud, it’s critical to understand your needs and available options. Lenovo is committed to state-of-the-art virtualized desktop and cloud technologies — whatever it takes to get your agency ready for the future. This executive summary, Navigating Your VDI Decisions, offers insight you need to help move your users and agency IT forward.

  • Get a quick overview of VDI history.
  • Match user needs with the right solution.
  • Explore our full range of client choices: thick, thin, and cloud.
  • Learn more about webNetwork from Stoneware®.

Get the summary to take command of your agency IT.

Smarter infrastructure decisions

Making smarter infrastructure decisions

Why are so many agencies reluctant to consider new ideas for moving agency workforce and infrastructure into the future? As agency IT faces new challenges around infrastructure modernization, user mobility, and BYOD, decision makers must evaluate available options before building plans for the future. Watch as our experts, including a former state CIO, discuss the challenge.

  • Why is change necessary? Why now?
  • How can agencies better evaluate future needs?
  • How can agencies balance innovation and reliability?

Watch the video below and see what industry experts have to say.

future ready government

Future-ready from the start

Making big decisions about IT solutions should start with clearly identifying and prioritizing the needs of both users and agency resources. Choices made today around BYOD and mobility will impact future agency resources and readiness, so getting them right is essential. Do you invest more in your current architecture or is it time to move to web services and the cloud? Watch this video and explore:

  • How to balance current and future needs
  • The rise of mobility and how it affects government
  • Managing user needs vs. agency priorities

See how to achieve user-centered connectivity now.

webNetwork for government

webNetwork for government

Users are working with more devices, in new locations, expecting continuous access to agency data and resources. IT must balance these demands with priorities around IT security, manageability, and long-term cost reduction. webNetwork from Stoneware provides a better way forward. Watch our cloud experts discuss:

  • Secure, reliable connectivity across diverse devices and operating systems
  • Unifying data sources, including data center, cloud deployments, and local applications and files
  • Simple, secure single sign-on (SSO)
  • All data, one workspace, no VPN

Watch now and explore how your agency can benefit from webNetwork.

Pilot webNetwork

Interested in trying webNetwork?

For a limited time, government agencies can license 25 users in your organization to fully test webNetwork in a 120-day pilot for only $5,000. This prepaid pilot includes:

  • 45 days of phone support
  • 24 hours of pre-sales technical support
  • Directory integrated installation (Active Directory, eDirectory, or Stoneware Local XML Directory

Download the webNetwork flyer and see why now is the time to make the cloud work for you.

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