Lenovo and the Federal Government: We Make Your Mission, Our Mission
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The New Everywhere Workplace

BYOD, Consumerization and the Cloud

Federal agencies must manage BYOD and Consumerization to effectively handle security breaches and cost challenges.

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Tough Tools, Easy Solutions

As changes in technology and policy continue to transform the vision of a mobile workforce, old rules about connectivity give way to a workforce that needs the ability to be productive and to work from anywhere at any time. Agencies are struggling to find tools durable enough for the everywhere workplace and put policies and systems in place that enable real mobile telework productivity without sacrificing security, compliance or good governance.

For government agencies that succeed in deploying secure, reliable mobility solutions, the advantages are clear: lower overall facilities and technology costs, and a happier more productive workforce – as well as supporting robust communications for first responders and other critical functions.

Lenovo understands both sides of the dilemma and builds unique solutions that give end-users no-compromise cloud potential that is secure, reliable and efficient enough to meet the strict demands of federal IT policy and best practice.

Ideas Built to Move

Lenovo products are all built for life on the road, with rugged design features and proven reliability. Combine them with the Lenovo Cloud Platform and our extensive services portfolio, and you’re ready to manage mobile productivity with security and simplicity.

  • Light and reliable ThinkPad® laptops, Ultrabooks and PC+ devices are perfect for mobile productivity. Their rugged design and cloud-ready capabilities ensure users can connect and work regardless of conditions or location. Advanced collaboration is easy with robust VoIP and webcam support.
  • All Lenovo ThinkCentre® desktops and ThinkPad tablet and laptop personal computers ship Cloud-Ready Client-enabled. This simplifies access to services and applications and helps improve performance.

Our Lenovo Cloud Platform and Secure Cloud Access let you manage mobile access to critical applications and services with ease. Real endpoint awareness lets you control access to new devices and users automatically.