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Reliability That Matters

The High Price
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Discover why differences in quality between suppliers should be a primary qualifying factor in the purchasing process.

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The Real Value of Durability

The real cost of any technology extends well beyond price point – reliability matters. Costs associated with downtime or lost productivity can quickly eliminate any savings enjoyed at purchase, especially as asset lifecycles continue to increase. Lenovo’s relentless commitment to quality during product design and manufacturing provides government agencies with peace of mind knowing that Lenovo delivers best-in-class reliability for its ThinkPad laptops and ThinkCentre desktops.

Demonstrated Durability in the Field

Reliability is one of those things you hear a lot about, but rarely can it be demonstrated so clearly. A recent industry-wide survey of IT professionals conducted by Technology Business Research (TBR) proved what we’ve known all along: Nobody is more reliable than Lenovo.

According to TBR survey results, our ThinkPad® laptops are the most reliable throughout the ownership lifecycle, with failure rates up to 16% lower than competitors’ average. Our ThinkCentre® desktops are the most reliable computers throughout the ownership lifecycle, with failure rates up to 28% lower than competitors’ average.

Lower failure rates mean less downtime, less work for your IT department and most importantly, uninterrupted productivity.

Beyond the Numbers: The Important Why

Almost as important as the great news about the low repair rates on our products is the reason why. The TBR survey took a close look at how products were designed and manufactured and came to a very firm conclusion: Lenovo’s commitment to reliability is strong from the start.