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  • Portfolio-wide attention to innovation and reliability
  • Robust, reliable mobile PC and PC+ devices
  • Simple, secure, manageable cloud-powered productivity
  • MIL-SPEC tested rugged and reliable technology

Smarter, stronger government on the go

Lenovo ThinkPad laptops

As agency users and the public rely more and more on mobility, IT decision makers must find solutions that meet the rising demand for freedom and flexibility with technology that also keeps agency data and devices safe and secure. Lenovo’s broad portfolio of innovative PC and PC+ devices is optimized for on-the-go productivity, combining rock-solid reliability, high-end performance, and maximum mobility.

  • Intel® performance, manageability, and security
  • Nonstop 24/7 agency productivity
  • Award-winning laptops, tablets, and convertibles
  • NIST-certified components and features
Smarter mobility starts here – see our government mobility solutions.

Cloud-powered agency productivity

unified cloud platform

Even with official federal mandates like Cloud First in full force, agencies still struggle to find their way in the cloud. While most agencies rely on at least one cloud solution to power daily mission-critical productivity, security, and resource concerns continue to make government less likely than private sector organizations to make major, sustained investments in the cloud. Lenovo cloud solutions offer a better way forward, with worry-free security and productivity that expand agency reach while reducing technology TCO.

  • Simplify the seamless agency connectivity with webNetwork’s Unified Cloud
  • Serve diverse agency data and applications to diverse agency users and devices
  • Develop solutions that improve services while maintaining security
  • Find technology answers that are easy to set up, support, and scale
Find your path to the cloud with solutions from Lenovo.

Durability drives everything

rugged laptops you can spill water in

No matter your mission, you need technology you can count on to keep both your users and your IT dollars engaged and productive. Lenovo has always relentlessly focused on product quality above everything else, creating rugged and reliable devices that are tough enough for military duty or the long hours and tough tasks of government work. Users get robust, nonstop productivity, and IT and agency leadership get reliable solutions that reduce TCO while sharpening agency readiness.

  • Industry leader in MIL-SPEC product testing
  • Over 200+ additional product durability tests
  • Durable material, design, and feature choices
  • Semi-rugged performance for off-the-shelf dollars
Get technology you can depend on with Lenovo rugged and reliable solutions.

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