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Lenovo and the Federal Government: We Make Your Mission, Our Mission
Matching Army IT Needs Challenge for Challenge
TCO: Recapturing and Redeploying your IT Spend
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Lenovo has the expertise and scale to deliver solutions that wrap our technology,
security and support around your agency’s mission. Whether you need help moving services into the cloud platform or solutions for secure mobility productivity, let us turn our experience into answers.

Your Future is in the Cloud

The CIO’s Cloud First initiative is over two years old – how is your agency doing? The cloud presents an excellent opportunity to rebuild critical systems and applications and build a response, efficient infrastructure – but getting there can be difficult. Let Lenovo’s cloud experts help you design and secure a cloud based solution that serves your users, transforms your workplace, and meets security and governance challenges.

  • Use cloud intelligence to securely deliver systems and service to a wide range of users, devices, and operating systems - the ideal BYOD platform
  • Lenovo’s cloud tools catalog is comprehensive, from secure cloud infrastructure to tools to unify existing cloud investments
  • Government-ready technology, security, and manageability
Wondering where the cloud is going? Read more about the future of the federal cloud.

The New Workplace: Operation Everywhere

The old rules about telework are gone, replaced by a new 24/7 everywhere workplace. Both the Federal CIO and GSA leaders have identified mobile productivity as a key opportunity to boost productivity, lower facilities costs, reduce commute time for employees, and improve work-life balance and employee retention. Lenovo’s mobile productivity solutions can help you design a NIST-friendly mobility solution that reduces costs and boosts efficiency.

Take a closer look at our innovative mobility solutions for federal government.

Getting Greener All The Time

Lenovo products are all designed with the greenest possible manufacturing processes and materials, and both our manufacturing and products continue to earn high praise for their sustainability. Beyond just greener products is a commitment to helping our partners manage the lifecycle of their equipment safely and responsibly, as outlined in 2011 recommendations from the GSA, including responsible disposal of assets.

  • Products are built ENERGY STAR, Goldstar, EPEAT®, GreenGuard, TCO, and VESA certified
  • 11-time UL Environment Gold award winner and industry leader on sustainability
  • Leader in use of post-consumer content (PCC) - more than 73 million pounds used in our products since 2005
Get greener with Lenovo products and services.

Reliability by the Numbers

As budget concerns focus more and more attention on carefully managing total cost of ownership (TCO) for technology across the organization, reliability becomes a key concern. Improved reliability saves costs three ways: less productivity lost to downtime, lower repair costs, and a longer overall product lifecycle. A recent industry-wide study confirmed what we already knew: Lenovo is more reliable than the competition.

  • ThinkPad® laptops have failure rates up to 16% lower than competitors’ average.
  • ThinkCentre® desktops have failure rates up to 28% lower than competitors’ average.
  • Eight of nine MIL SPEC standards for rugged reliability– right out of the box
See the full picture on mission-critical Lenovo reliability.

New Windows for New Worlds

Windows 8 is the first version of the OS optimized for a new generation of mobile devices and new ideas about on the go productivity. Combining the power of new apps and touch capabilities, Windows 8 gives agencies another opportunity to find more innovative ways to serve citizen customers and business partners while improving their infrastructure.

  • Ideal for maximum mobile productivity
  • Best of both worlds, traditional Windows tools you rely on and exciting new apps
  • Superior Windows manageability and security
Explore the potential of Windows 8 for government.

Never Too Tough

We aimed for the government’s highest standard of rugged durability and did very well, with our product line passing eight of nine MIL-SPEC tests right out of the box. Combine this field-tested reliability with onsite service and you have a solution for almost never-ending productivity.

  • Innovations like durable roll cages and tough carbon fiber construction
  • Spill-resistant ThinkPad keyboards protect critical components from liquid
  • Advanced warranty and repair options to address failures when they occur
We're rugged and reliable right out of the box - learn more.