Best Budget Windows Laptops

Just because you have a tight budget doesn’t mean you need to forgo style, grace, and a good solid hard working laptop. Whether small business or student, there are some great budget windows laptops available in the UK in 2020, some that can even be bagged for a lower price than a smartphone. Picking a laptop that is portable, comes with a good level of storage and has a savvy operating system is paramount regardless of how deep your pockets go. Here we explore how to pick the best budget friendly windows laptop for your bank account.

Benefits of Choosing a Budget Laptop with Windows 10

When it comes to finding a new daily companion you may want to consider picking a budget laptop with Windows 10. Windows 10 devices bring the familiar and the future together, offering a ton of user-friendly features, updated levels of security, and plenty of processor power so productivity can hit a peak.

  • Home Monitors

    Better Levels of Security

    In a world of sophisticated hackers, security truly does matter when it comes to picking your laptop’s operating system. Windows 10 Home comes with many layers of security, including – Windows Defender Antivirus, Firewall, Exploit Guard, Smart Screen, Trusted Boot and more. For those looking to step it up a notch and upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, you also get Group Policy, BitLocker, and Windows Information Protection - a must for small businesses looking to keep their client info safe.

  • Office Monitors

    Intelligent Smart Technology

    There’s an added edge to the smart technology offered by Windows 10. Cortana (the virtual assistant) invites you to interact with your laptop hands free, whether it's asking her to take a note, play a song, or shut down for sleep. There’s also more access to work and media apps for photos, music, mail, and calendar – all geared towards streamlining the user experience.