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AI: The wise of the machines?

From gaming to pharmaceutical administration, machines are learning. Fast. And while there are clearly still many lessons organizations must take on board when it comes to deploying Artificial Intelligence, its capacity to transform collaboration, knowledge management, the smart workplace, and much else besides is clear. Gareth Kershaw looks at why, where, and how it is doing so…
May 19

Digital first strategies: farewell technology, you’re like the air that we breath now.

In Pixar’s classic movie The Incredibles, the self-styled evil genius Syndrome declares: “When everyone’s super, no one will be.” Tech is like that. When everyone’s digitally transformed, how will businesses make a profitable difference?
May 19

There’s no workplace like home

Thanks to continuing advances in technologies like broadband, mobile computing, and collaboration, remote working – a perennial trigger for the neuroses of many a conservative manager – has been becoming more and more technically viable for some time. Crucially though, it’s now becoming increasingly palatable from a commercial perspective too, writes Gareth Kershaw…
May 19

Augmented intelligence or just intelligent augmentation?

Technological change is now so rapid that it’s difficult just knowing what’s coming next, never mind preparing for it. Yes, the opportunities and benefits are growing, but how best to exploit them? And by ‘humanising’ the technologies in question – making machines more ‘feeling’ by adding human ‘senses’ – do we in some way risk dehumanising ourselves? Either way, playing humans and machines alongside one another, to their relative strengths, looks to be key, says Gareth Kershaw…
May 19

How not to host a hacker’s high-rolling heist… and other stories

How can cybersecurity evolve to battle the unknown? To safeguard the future you must learn from the past, or so the mantra goes. But that’s a tough ask when the challenges are forever changing. The faster businesses implement security measures, the faster cybercriminals seem able to reinvent themselves and the methods they use. The casino recently scammed via an IoT-enabled thermometer for instance… In a fish tank…
Feb 15

Smarter than the average workplace?

The best workplace is, by any sensible definition, not merely a place of work, but the place in which people work ‘most efficiently’. And according to recent research, a whole range of factors is fundamentally shifting the very perception of what that means. In short, changing workplace dynamics demand a complementary change in technological and HR thinking…
Jan 18