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The Smart Hub for Your Modern Home

Lenovo Smart Assistant with Amazon® Alexa® Voice Service is designed to give you a  helping hand in and around your home. This voice-controlled, high-definition speaker with far-field mics is there to assist whenever you need it. Want to know what the morning traffic is like? Forgot to order that book from Amazon®? Need to hear your favorite playlist? Just ask Alexa®. She has all the answers.

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The Smart Hub for Your Modern Home

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    Need a Hand? Just ask Alexa®

    Lenovo Smart Assistant comes equipped with Amazon® Alexa® Voice Service—enabling you to interact and control smart devices via your voice. Using the wake word "Alexa”, she can provide news updates, current game scores, weather forecasts, and more. She can also provide online answers fast, allowing you to multitask and keep on moving. So next time you need a food delivery to your home, a reminder to pay a bill, or a new yoga mat from Amazon, just ask Alexa®.

    A Great Listener

    Designed with the modern home in mind, Lenovo Smart Assistant with Amazon® Alexa® has eight built-in, 360⁰ far-field microphones, able to pick up your voice from over 16 feet away, in any direction. What's more, noise cancellation technology ensures Alexa® hears your commands, even when music is playing in the background. Over time, she will also learn your speech patterns and vocabulary.

    Welcome to hands-free freedom
    Welcome to hands-free freedom


    Let’s Get to Know Each Other

    Alexa® is built to remember your personal preferences—and the more you share with her, the smarter she becomes. Sync your Google Calendar so she’ll be able to tell you when your next meeting is, and how soon you should leave for it, based on current traffic. Customize your favorite sports teams and news preferences within the Alexa® App to hear curated content. And add to Alexa®’s repertoire by activating new skills from third-party developers. The better Alexa® gets to know you, the more hands-free help she’ll be able to offer.

    Tap into Thousands of Alexa® Skills

    Every home is different, which is why Lenovo Smart Assistant with Amazon® Alexa® offers you over 3,000 ways to customize what Alexa® can do for you. Streamline your routine by setting up Amazon® Alexa® Skills, personalized commands supported by your favorite partners. Now, you can check your bank account summary, get the latest news, and so much more. To discover and enable other skills, explore Alexa® Skills online or within the Amazon® Alexa® app.

    Voice-controlled, high-definition speaker with far-field mics
    Voice-controlled, high-definition speaker with far-field mics


    "Alexa, Please Play My 'Done with Work' Playlist”

    Imagine walking in the door and being met with your favorite music? With the Lenovo Smart Assistant, you can. And with its beautifully rich, high-definition 5W treble and 10W woofer, you’ll enjoy crisp sounds that can fill the room.

    Pump up the Volume with Harman Kardon®

    Built for the true audiophile, Lenovo brings you a special edition Smart Assistant, in partnership with audio leader Harman Kardon®. Designed by Harman exclusively for Lenovo, this unique speaker uses a 2” sound cavity and improved materials for clearer sound. Packaged in sleek matte black, Lenovo Smart Assistant Harman Kardon® Edition delivers deep bass with exquisite treble for the most advanced sound engineering in its class.

    Your favorite tunes in high fidelity
    Your favorite tunes in high fidelity


    Compatible with Other Smart Devices

    At the push of a button, Lenovo Smart Assistant with Amazon® Alexa® can pair to hundreds of smart devices, allowing you to control even more of your home, hands free. As well as other Lenovo Smart devices, Lenovo Smart Assistant is optimized to control many smart switches, lights, thermostats, and more.

    The Whole Family Can Ask Alexa® Too

    Lenovo Smart Assistant with Amazon® Alex®a can be configured for the whole family to use. With your say-so, anyone can use the trigger word “Alexa” and add items to shared shopping or to-do lists, or set a reminder for an event. You can even load your own Amazon Prime account and share your personal library available with everyone.

    Ideal for today
    Ideal for today's modern family and home


    Always On Hand

    Stay connected to your home, even when you're out. The Amazon® Alexa® App lets you easily manage your alarms, music, shopping lists, and more--wherever you are. Now, you don’t have to wait until you’re home to do the following:

    • View shopping and to-do lists easily 
    • Set timers and manage your calendar 
    • Control connected smart devices 
    • Access enabled Alexa® skills
    • Ask lexa® anything!

    The Amazon® Alexa® app is compatible with Fire OS, Android and iOS devices, and is also accessible via your desktop browser.

    Designed to Complement Any Home

    With its mixed materials and clean lines, Lenovo Smart Assistant was designed to fit seamlessly into any modern home. A coat of pearl paint with a layer of UV protection guarantees a smooth finish resistant to fading. Furthermore, LED lighting under the volume ring accentuates the pearl paint design even more. Simply choose the color that best complements your home: light gray, dark gray, green, orange, or the matte black Harman Kardon® Edition.

    Remote-controlled, smart home app
    Remote-controlled, smart home app
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  • Tech Specs

    Tech Specs

    DescriptionLenovo Smart Assistant
    ProcessorIntel® Atom® x5-E8000
    1.36 L
    0.76 kg 
    1 x 1 WiFi 802.11n, Bluetooth® 4.0
    Microphone Array
    6 + 2 microphones, far-field, up to 5 M, 360°
    Tweeter: 1 x 5 W | Woofer: 1 x 10 W
    2 GB DRAM
    Light gray, green, orange, or black (Harmon Kardon® Edition only)
    8 GB
    Voice Service
    Alexa® Voice Service
    Button Array
    Trigger button and volume control

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