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You have purchased an AMD-based Lenovo system and want to pick up your free bonus? Here's how it works: Please complete the following steps to verify eligibility and redeem the AMD promotional offer.

  • Visit the AMD campaign page and select your language.

  • Please enter your date of birth for proof of age.

  • Click on the button REDEEM NOW to create an account, complete the registration form and accept the terms and conditions.

  • After login, click the AMD PRODUCT VERIFICATION button and download the AMD Product Verification Tool (PVT) to the AMD-based system you’ve purchased. The tool checks if the system contains all the qualifying components. If your system qualifies for the bonus offers, your choices will be displayed.

  • Select the one you want from your special free bonus options and follow the instructions to download your bonus.

  • Finally, you will receive a confirmation e-mail to your address given at registration.