Color Black
    Battery Life 455H-1348H
    Weight Including battery: Approximately 18.6 [g] Excluding battery: Approximately 12.0 [g]
    Hardware Requirements NA
    Warranty Type Commercial
    Power Requirement AAAA dry cell battery 1.5 [V]
    Brand Lenovo
    OS Requirements Windows
    Packed Weight 100g
    Other Electrical Specifications Pen tip output voltage AES2.0 / 1.0 protocol: Nominal 17 [V] In-TOUCH protocol: Nominal 20 [V]
    Other Operating Environment Storage environment (in packaged condition) Temperature: -10 - +55C Humidity: +30 - +80 % (no condensation)
    Other Physical Specifications NA
    Agency Approvals CE FCC VCCI RCM NCC BSMI KCC
    Package Type Brown Box
    Packed Dimensions (L x D x H) 247*100*36mm
    Length 152.3mm
    Special/Added Features NA
    Warranty Period 1year
    Maximum Operating Temperature 40℃
    Minimum Operating Temperature 5℃
    Maximum Relative Humidity (%) 80%
    Minimum Relative Humidity (%) 30%
    Battery Charging Time NA
    Included Accessory NA
    Shipment Group QSG, Warranty, Pen*1
    Diameter 9.5 mm
    Input Rating Voltage 1.5V
    Oscillating Frequeqncy AIT protocol: 66.67-142.9 [kHz] / 8 channels AES2.0 / 1.0 protocol: 1800 [kHz] ± 5% (Measurement by Wacom special jig)
    Presure Resolution Up to 4096, depends on touch IC’s F/W setting
    Shifting Time to Sleep Condition: Tip switch / Side switch free Shift to Sleep mode after approximately 10 [min.] Condition: Tip switch or / and Side switch press Shift to Off mode after approximately 4 [min.]