Solutions OEM


Solutions OEM

Focalisez-vous sur l’innovation plutôt que sur l’opérationnel

Avec les solutions OEM Lenovo, vous profiterez de technologies innovantes vraiment à la hauteur de vos produits, avec notamment la très réputée marque Lenovo, notre assistance mondiale maintes fois primée et nos programmes OEM flexibles permettant de proposer d’excellentes solutions à moindre coût.

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Focalisez-vous sur l’innovation plutôt que sur l’opérationnel

  • Accessoires et services

    OEMAccessoires et services

  • Overview


    Reliability and performance

    Lenovo offers OEM customers a faster time-to-market by running your solutions on the industry's faster1 and most reliable IT hardware―designed, built, delivered, and serviced by Lenovo. You get the performance, security, and reliability you need across our entire portfolio of products and services.

    Lenovo OEM solutions include:

    • Integrated solutions
    • IT appliances
    • Hardware rebranding
    • Custom hardware

     1As of March 2018


    Integrated Solutions

    If you’re looking for high-quality servers with fixed configurations and a 5-year product life to include in your unique industry solution, our integrated solutions are the ideal blend of speed, reliability, and ease of use.

    IT appliances

    When you’re ready to productize your infrastructure or application-specific software solution on a hardware platform, we provide supply chain management, access to early samples and reliable, cost-effective servers to base your IT appliance solution on.

    Hardware rebranding

    All of our OEM solutions are available for rebranding with your logo. If you prefer to show a single brand to your customers, we can customize bezels, firmware logo, labels, and packaging to meet your needs.

    Custom hardware

    If you need something special to really elevate your solution, Lenovo can collaborate with you to create a custom hardware configuration, tested and certified to meet your technology requirements.

  • Collaboration


    Your technology partner

    Trust Lenovo to be your technology partner. We will work with you to provide the ideal hardware solution on which to base your unique offering.

    Use our premium engineering and decades of experience with customized solutions to meet your unique requirements, including:

    • Bezels
    • Logo in system firmware
    • Shipping cartons
    • Access to early evaluation hardware
    • Tailored support plans
    Build a custom Lenovo solution


  • Innovation


    Industry leader

    Lenovo offers an early sample and evaluation unit program using the latest technologies. This enables you to begin developing and testing your solution quickly, so you can get it to market faster, grow your market share, and increase revenue.

    Other advantages include:

    • Industry-leading, high-performance hardware (88 current #1 benchmarks)
    • Reliability and security leadership, "five 9's" uptime, and dependable achievement of SLAs
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    88 World Record Benchmarks


  • Predictability


    Solutions you can trust

    Lenovo OEM Solutions are available through the reps you know and trust. They offer value-added, complementary services and provide the resources and capabilities you need to bring your solutions to market rapidly and efficiently, including:

    • Certified integration facilities for building, testing, and shipping your solution
    • Customization capabilities to add your colors, product name, and branding
    • Stable, long life products, including:
      • 5 year product life
      • Frozen firmware
      • Fixed hardware configurations
      • Smooth predictable transitions
    Data Center Solutions SMB Subseries Feature


  • Value


    Delivering value to your business

    With our OEM solutions meeting (and exceeding) your IT needs, you can free up valuable resources to focus on what makes your business unique and increase market share and revenue. Our added value includes:

    #1 Customer Satisfaction


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