Lenovo Connect SIM Card
Lenovo Connect SIM Card
Lenovo Connect SIM Card
Lenovo Connect SIM Card



Osanumero:  ZG38C03368

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    Lenovo Connect features LTE connectivity across Europe and the USA with private connection encryption and authentication. The Lenovo Connect SIM Card includes a 5GB per month x 1 month subscription to Lenovo Connect*. The Service consists of providing prepaid mobile Data Plans (allowance of data valid for a certain duration) to enable connecting your Device to the Internet (the “Data Plans”). You can jump online whenever, wherever. More data plans are available with competitive rates. The SIM card and the Services are provided by Truphone. *Disclaimer: - Must be activated within 90 days of purchasing the Lenovo Connect SIM Card; Valid for 30 days immediately following activation; - Valid only in the European Union, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States; - Once the monthly data limit is reached, data connectivity will halt till next month; unused data will not roll over to remaining months; - Any data plan will be provided by Truphone under the Truphone terms and conditions.
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    Description Lenovo Connect SIM Card
    Korkeus 85.6mm
    Leveys 53.98mm
    Syvyys 0.76mm
    Paino 0.0057kg
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