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ThinkPad X1 Presenter Mouse
ThinkPad X1 プレゼンターマウス
ThinkPad X1 プレゼンターマウス
ThinkPad X1 プレゼンターマウス
ThinkPad X1 プレゼンターマウス
ThinkPad X1 プレゼンターマウス
ThinkPad X1 プレゼンターマウス



Osanumero:  4Y50U45359

Toimitus 2 viikon kuluessa
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  • Yleiskatsaus

    Catch inspiration when it strikes with a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Presenter Mouse. This 2-in-1 accessory combines the functionality of a mouse with a handy presenter. Control PowerPoint or PDF slides using gyro technology and intuitive buttons, and make your points clearly from across the room with a virtual laser pointer and highlight & magnify capabilities. Crafted for comfort, the V-shaped mouse provides room to rest one’s palm while the index and middle fingers are positioned over the buttons. Perfectly portable, the narrow body and soft edges fit pockets and bags without bulging.
  • Tekniset tiedot

    Description ThinkPad X1 Presenter Mouse
    Väri Black
    Erikoismuotoiluominaisuudet Twist hinge design; Flat mode for presentation function or storage; Tent mode for mouse function
    DPI 3-level on-the-fly adjustable DPI (1600, 1200, 800)
    Hiiren sensori Optical Sensor
    Takuu Customer Replaceable Unit (CRU)
    Tehontarve 5 V / 500 mA
    Vieritys 2-way touch scroll (up/down)
    Erikoisohjelmisto/-ohjain ThinkPad X1 Presenter Mouse Setting App; Available for download at
    Tuotemerkki ThinkPad
    Pakkauspaino 215 g (7.58 oz)
    Pakkaustyyppi Gift box
    Pakkausmitat (P x S x K) 91 mm x 44 mm x 151 mm (3.58 in x 1.73 in x 5.94 in)
    Takuuaika 1 Year
    Suurin käyttölämpötila 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit)
    Supported Operating Systems OS Independent
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