Väri Black
    Yhteystyyppi USB-C
    Laitteistovaatimukset Only shall connect to a host system/USB Type C hub implement USB Type C female connector which serves as a Downstream Facing Port (DFP)
    Liittäminen virta päällä Support flippable plug into Type C female connector
    Tuotemerkki Lenovo
    Pakkauspaino 41 g
    Muut sähkötekniset tiedot Support PXE boot and load image from remote server are required both on legacy BIOS and UEFI BIOS system if host systems support Support Wake-On-LAN from S3 if host system support Support MAC pass through on selected ThinkPad notebook systems
    Muu käyttöympäristö To get the latest device driver for the Lenovo® USB C to Ethernet Adapter, go to http://support.lenovo.com/docs/usbc_to_ethernet_adapter
    Viranomaishyväksynnät • CB • USA: FCC • Canada: ICES • European Union: CE • Australia / New Zealand: C-tick • Japan: VCCI • Ukraine • Customs Union: EAC
    Ethernet Meet IEEE802.3ab network specification for Gigabit data rate transmit Meet IEEE802.3 network specification 100Mbps data rate transmit LEDs on connector to indicate activity and link status
    Pakkaustyyppi PE bag
    Suurin suhteellinen kosteus (%) 95%
    Pienin suhteellinen kosteus (%) 20%
    Lähetysryhmä Lenovo USB C to Ethernet Adapter, Publications
    Tukee PXE-käynnistystä If PXE-Boot function is to be applied through Type C to Ethernet Adapter, please first confirm host system’s Type C port would support.