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Interact Like Never Before

Speak a language your PC understands with Voice Control powered by Dragon Assistant. You can check or update your social networks, capture your thoughts and drop text into apps. You can even select and play songs without using the keyboard.

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    Natural Language Understanding

    Dragon Assistant features Natural Language Understanding, for the most natural interaction possible.  While earlier voice solutions required you to structure your requests a certain way, Dragon Assistant allows you to speak the way you normally would.  No more wondering if you asked a question the ‘right way’.

    Conversational Speech

    Dragon Assistant doesn’t just take commands – it engages you in conversation to make you more productive.  For example – composing an email is a multi-step process, where you select a contact, define a subject, and dictate the body of the email.  Dragon Assistant guides you through this process through conversational speech.

    Multi-Task, Hands-Free

    Multi-task like never before.  Command your computer, search the web, update your social networks, dictate and send emails, and play media – all by simply speaking to your device.

    Dictation Anywhere

    Need to insert some text into a field, or have a thought like you’d like to save?  Simply enter Dictation Mode, and Dragon Assistant will transcribe what you say into text.
    Voice Control by Nuance
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    Tech Specs

     Current Version: 3.0
     OS Support: Windows 8
     Platforms: ThinkPad, IdeaPad
     Geos: US 
     Languages: English
     Segment: LE, SMB, Consumer
    Voice Control by Dragon Assistant
    Voice Control by Dragon Assistant