Play and Present Over The Air

Lenovo QuickDisplay connects your computer, smartphone or tablet to a TV, monitor or projector wirelessly. Stream presentations or HD video conveniently without cords, ideal for both business and home entertainment and it works anywhere anytime, with any protocols.

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    Pair and Project Wirelessly

    Connect to a wireless-enabled display or projector. You can switch display modes and manage your connections from the main window.

    NFC Easy Tap

    If your device is NFC enabled use the QuickConnect NFC Utility to make a trigger NFC tag. A tap will then automatically connect your PC to your selected display wirelessly.
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    Technical Specs

    Technical Specs and Use cases
    Technical Specs
    Initial Release Date: v1.2 in early 2013
    Current Version: 2.0 for Windows 8.1; 1.2 for Windows 7
    OS Support: 32/64 bit Windows 7 and Windows 8.1
    Platforms: ThinkPad and Lenovo Notebooks
    Geos: WW
    Languages: Standard 16 Languages
    Segment: LE, SMB, Consumer
    More information: You may need to purchase a separate wireless adapter that supports Wi-Di and/or Miracast.  You need NFC-equipped systems to enable NFC easy tap feature