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Lenovo QuickControl enables you to control your computer and smart TV from your smartphone or tablet. Present with a remote and pointer, or control your home media play easily. A virtual wireless keyboard and mouse will enhance your remote control experience while a customizable gamepad adds to the fun of dual screen gaming.

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    Remote Touchpad and Keyboard

    Remote Touchpad and Keyboard emulates the touchpad and keyboard of your computer. Move the cursor, click, scroll or type using your mobile device, and your paired computer will respond accordingly. You can type faster with auto-correction and user dictionary of your smartphone.


    Projection changes the display mode of your computer and a connected projector: PC screen only; Duplicate; Extend; or Second screen only.

    App Switcher

    App Switcher lets you select an open application or window to show in the foreground.

    Presentation Remote

    The dedicated presentation mode functions like a real remote for presentation. You can turn pages, run slideshow, and control volume.
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    Technical Specs

    Initial Release Date: v1.0 7/19/2013
    Current Version: 2.0
    OS Support: 32/64 bit Windows 7 and Windows 8.1
    Platforms: ThinkPad and Lenovo Notebooks
    Geos: WW
    Languages: Standard 16 Languages
    Segment: LE, SMB, Consumer
    More information: Lenovo QuickControl has companion app for iOS and Android, which may be obtained from Apple iTunes App Store and Google Play (or Lenovo App Store in China)

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