Maintain Enterprise Security for a Mobile Workforce

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Determining Enterprise Readiness for Employee Owned Devices
Make it the Hero: How to Bring Speed and ROI
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Choose Your Own Device:

  • BYOD is a security risk in every IT organization
  • CYOD with Lenovo® devices and services conquers this issue
  • Provide end-users all the technology benefits they want, within a safe and secure environment

The hidden cost of self-service IT

BYOD seems like an attractive option for end-users and IT alike, until you uncover the inherent deficiencies and potential threats to enterprise infrastructure. This checklist provides you with the hidden costs of BYOD in three areas:

  • Increased cost of purchase / acquisition
  • Higher resource cost for device management
  • Dramatically higher maintenance and support costs

Lenovo Services combined with a "Choose Your Own Device" approach can mitigate these costs while maximizing productivity.

Download this checklist to dive into the details on the high cost of self-service IT, and how Lenovo devices combined with CYOD solves the BYOD dilemma.

Five ways to win back your end-users

While end-users perceive huge advantages to BYOD, the truth is that equipping themselves outside of the IT organization not only threatens the security of the entire enterprise, it also fails to take advantage of the many benefits IT provides. Learn how Lenovo Services and CYOD can increase productivity and satisfaction:

  • Improve data protection and backup
  • Provide services to cover accidental damage and loss
  • Get faster and more effective technical support
  • Simplify upgrades
  • Pre-secure user devices
Explore this checklist to learn how Lenovo Services can help you win-back your end-users and mitigate the critical issues posed by BYOD.

Standardizing security processes and solutions to minimize mobile threats

Best practices in IT and mobile security are changing rapidly. This eBook provides insight from top experts to help you identify your risk and minimize the threats you face.

Topics covered:

  • Risks of insecure mobility to the organization
  • The role of the user in mobile security
  • Changing the landscape with virtualization
  • Building a simpler security process
  • Preparing for BYOD policies and practice
Get prepared with this eBook.

Lenovo’s one-stop workforce mobility security solution

Most IT organizations rely on multi-vendor security solutions that are difficult to integrate, lack emphasis around EOD policies, and fail to provide the end-to-end solution you need. Lenovo’s One Stop Security Solution comparison guide examines eight areas where you can maximize resources, turning your IT department into a model of efficiency and security. You’ll review savings opportunities in such areas as:

  • Security tools
  • Patch management
  • Virtualization options
Download the guide.

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