There's a reason ThinkPad reliability is legendary and it starts with military-spec testing against extremes—our laptops more than endure the rigors of everyday life. Factor in the award-winning precision keyboard with its renowned red trackpoint®, multitouch touchpad, ergonomic keys, and convenient multimedia buttons and we've got comfort covered too.

Lenovo ThinkPad Laptop Series
  1. Thin & Light Laptops
    Light & slim, with long battery life for extreme mobility.

  2. Legendary Professional Laptops
    Performance & durability in our flagship laptop series.

  3. Mobile Workstations
    Blazing-fast portable workstations.

  4. Stylish and affordable productivity
    Distinctive design, with small-business tools.

  5. Productive & Portable Laptops
    Lightweight but powerful, with battery life to spare, these laptops balance mobility and productivity perfectly.

  6. Our most green business PCs
    Tough and functional business laptops that fit the bill.

  7. Rugged Laptops & Chromebooks Built for Education
    Extra-durable laptops & Chromebooks rugged enough to withstand the rigorous environment of school.

  8. Mainstream laptops with AMD technology
    Enterprise laptops, featuring cutting-edge AMD processing, robust security, professional-grade graphics, and open source manageability

Lenovo - Reason 2


Lenovo systems undergo stress tests to meet rigorous reliability standards. Many of our laptops pass 8 military tests for extreme condition with dust and vibration, heat, cold, altitude, water, and humidity.