High-performance home PCs

Family-friendly, budget-friendly PCs

    • Stylish,13th Gen Intel® Core™-powered 14L desktop
    • Lightning-quick memory, dual SSD/HDD storage
    • Access files remotely & securely, via the cloud
    • Ultracompact, space-saving design
    • Intel® Core™ processors optimize performance
    • Access your files remotely with smart storage
    • Future-proof gaming PC with great expandability
    • Up to 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors for elite performance
    • Up to NVIDIA® GeForce graphics for superior gaming
    • Optional AMD Radeon™ or NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics
    • Future-proofed for easy expansion & upgrades
    • Icy cool & whisper quiet system performance
    • Stylish,12th Gen Intel® Core™-powered 14L desktop
    • Lightning-quick memory, dual SSD/HDD storage
    • Stylish design with advanced thermals
    • 14L tower PC
    • AMD Ryzen™ processors & Radeon™ graphics
    • Sleek & streamlined design
    • 14L tower
    • Powerful 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processors plus dedicated graphics
    • Contemporary design
    • Powerful, ultracompact 1L home desktop
    • Speedy performance powered by Intel®
    • Space-saving and home-décor friendly
    • Powerful 14L tower desktop
    • Cutting-edge graphics, powerful processors
    • Engineered for content creators
    • 14L tower
    • Powerful AMD Ryzen™ processing
    • Great for home use
    • True 13.6L gaming tower
    • Powerful AMD Ryzen™ processing
    • Rich NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ graphics
    • 15 L mainstream gaming tower
    • Powerful processing and graphics
    • Intelligent cooling system
    • Cutting-edge processing
    • Enhanced graphics options
    • Revolutionary storage technology
    • Powerful, easy-to-use home desktop
    • Super fast storage & connectivity
    • With enhanced graphics option
Lenovo - Reason 3


Lenovo has won hundreds of international awards for our forward-thinking designs.