• Partnership


    Lenovo and VMware® have been partnering for more than ten years. Together, Lenovo and VMware can help you implement a highly reliable IT infrastructure with hardware and software designed for virtualization. Lenovo has proven experience in developing and delivering VMware-based solutions that help customers optimize and simplify their IT infrastructure to drive down operating costs. From virtual desktops to enterprise-class virtualization and cloud solutions, Lenovo has you covered with innovative technology and solutions.

    VMware vSphere ESXi

    Combine your Lenovo server with industry-leading vSphere® ESXi virtualization software from VMware. Tested and proven for compatibility, Lenovo and VMware support a range of environments from small businesses to enterprise to meet your virtualization needs.

    VMware Solutions From Lenovo

    Spanning virtual desktops to enterprise-class virtualization to cloud solutions to a comprehensive software-defined data center, Lenovo and VMware deliver highly flexible, and resilient server solutions that can help transform your IT infrastructure.

  • VMware vSphere ESXi

    Industry-Leading Virtualization

    The VMware vSphere® ESXi hypervisor is a bare-metal hypervisor that installs directly on top of your Lenovo server and partitions it into multiple virtual machines. Each virtual machine shares the same physical resources as the other virtual machines and they can all run at the same time. Unlike other hypervisors, all management functionality of vSphere is done through remote management tools. There is no underlying operating system, reducing the install footprint to less than 150 MB.

    Supported Servers

    VMware vSphere ESXi is supported on all Lenovo severs. A customized version for select System x hardware is available to give you online platform management, which includes the updating and configuring of firmware, platform, and enhanced hardware alerts. Lenovo management tools also support simplified management of the VMware vSphere hypervisor (ESXi) on select Lenovo servers.

    Standard, Enterprise, & Enterprise Plus

    VMware vSphere ESXi is available in three editions: Standard, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus. Other options for vSphere (which are supported by Lenovo ThinkServer) include:

    • VMware vSphere with Operations Management (vSOM) Edition – vSOM delivers vSphere optimized with capacity management and performance monitoring capabilities, and is available in three editions: Standard, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus.
    • VMware vSphere Essentials Kits – vSphere Essentials Kits are for designed for small businesses and combine virtualization for up to three physical servers with centralized management using vCenter for Essentials.
    • VMware vSOM Acceleration Kits – VMware vSOM Acceleration Kits provide server consolidation, business continuity, and insight to workload capacity and health.


  • VMware Solutions

    Solutions to Help You Innovate

    Increase the reliability and flexibility of your server infrastructure with a choice of VMware® solutions for Lenovo servers. From virtual desktops to enterprise-class virtualization and cloud to the software-defined data center, Lenovo servers and VMware software deliver best-in-class solutions to meet the most demanding business needs.

    • Desktop virtualization solutions – Increase business flexibility and staff productivity while reducing IT complexity and simplifying security/compliance with solutions from Lenovo and VMware.
    • Virtual SAN – Lenovo solutions for VMware Virtual SAN® Ready Nodes can help your organization establish a scalable storage infrastructure with simple-to-deploy configurations. Integrated with VMware vSphere®, this VSAN solution provides the performance and scalability for broad range workloads, including demanding desktop virtualization deployments.
    • Cloud computing solutions – Transform your data center into a highly responsive and efficient IT environment with vCloud® Suite solutions from Lenovo and VMware.
    • Management solutions – Deliver the automation, operations, and business management capabilities with a unified management experience that preserves investment in existing tools and skills.

    Desktop Virtualization Solutions

    VMware Horizon Suite®, the platform for workforce mobility, connects end users to their data and applications. It transforms technology silos of desktops, data, and applications into centralized IT services.

    Virtual SAN

    VMware Virtual SAN streamlines storage provisioning and management for vSphere environments. Using VM-centric storage policies, Virtual SAN provides granular control and automation of storage service levels. Virtual SAN is self-tuning. It automatically rebuilds and rebalances storage resources to align with the service levels assigned to each VM. It fully integrates with vSphere and the entire VMware stack.

    Cloud Computing Solutions

    VMware vCloud Suite is an integrated offering for building and managing a VMware vSphere-based private cloud that can improve efficiency, agility, and control for IT organizations. VMware vCloud Suite is available in three editions: Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise.

    Management Solutions

    VMware vCenter™ Operations Management Suite allows you to automate IT operations management, manage performance, and gain visibility across your physical and virtual infrastructure.

    VMware vCenter Server* provides a centralized platform for managing your VMware vSphere environments so you can automate and deliver a virtual infrastructure with confidence.

    *Supported by Lenovo ThinkServer.