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Innovative Products for Personalized Learning Success

Build better learners with Lenovo

  • 1:1 learning improves student outcomes
  • Technology makes 1:1 learning richer and more manageable
  • Durable education-built Lenovo products are an ideal 1:1 platform

The future of 1:1 learning – improving student outcomes with technology

Technology can impact personalized and student-centered learning in three ways:

  1. Connects educators to an expanding universe of content, instructional tools, and assessments ideal for building challenging, multi-mode curricula
  2. Links students to that same rich universe, with tools to create their own content
  3. Empowers teachers and administrators to design individualized curricula that can be easily, centrally managed

In addition to supercharging the classroom, technology lowers the cost of building, delivering, and assessing student learning.

Learn more in this informative white paper.

Research proves personalized learning works

Studies conducted across seven states found that personalized learning initiatives have a profound impact on educational outcomes. This research connects “technology-transformed schools” with a wide range of big, important changes for students, teachers, and administrators alike:

  • Lower dropout rates
  • Fewer disciplinary actions
  • Improved test scores

Dive into the details of this research and learn how Lenovo can help transform your schools with reliable, education-built laptops as well as implementation services and support aimed at building an IT infrastructure that’s ready for successful 1:1 learning.

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Seven steps to improving learning outcomes with technology-enabled 1:1 learning

Lenovo asked a group of personalized learning experts for an easy-to-follow action plan for building a 1:1 learning program built on technology. Learn more about:

  1. Policy making
  2. Professional development
  3. Curriculum design
  4. Content identification
  5. Device selection
  6. Assessment practices
  7. Classroom management
Let Lenovo help you build a plan.

7 steps to successful 1:1 program implementation in K-6 education

This guide outlines the key steps for IT leaders to consider when deploying 1:1 learning programs in an elementary education environment, including:

  • Planning for technology integration
  • Identifying hardware, network, and security requirements
  • Optimizing maintenance
  • Managing asset lifecycles
  • Incorporating professional development to maximize program impact
Download this IT implementation guide today.