Windows XP End of Support Solutions for Higher Education

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Meet Windows XP Challenges
With Lenovo

Now that the official End of Support date for Windows® XP has passed, institutions face tough decisions about upgrading older systems in response to the change. Lenovo® can help you navigate your available options to find a solution that balances readiness and security needs with a focus on smarter spending.

Migration expertise in action

Upgrading a single PC is easy enough – multiply the same task across hundreds of devices and it gets more complicated. Lenovo’s migration experts can help you update important systems with low touch, worry-free end-to-end migration expertise. Read the white paper to find out how Lenovo migration services can help your institution:

  • Develop a migration plan
  • Ensure important data stays safe
  • Minimize end-user disruption and downtime
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Keeping important systems secure

Devices running Windows® XP are more than just obsolete – they can also introduce unnecessary risk into your IT environment. This exposure can put everything from important data to well-managed TCO in jeopardy, especially as the full impact of End of Support is yet to be understood. We’ve put together a short guide that compares security risks between Windows® XP and Windows 8 – and some of the answers might surprise you.

  • Non-compliance with HIPAA and other regulations
  • No protection against new threats
  • Weak drive encryption
Learn more about Windows XP risks.

Invest in future ready PCs

Supporting outdated technology requires more support hours, more frequent patching, and longer and more complicated upgrades for applications and services. Add to that the productivity you don’t get from innovations that remain out of reach and the cost of upgrading your hardware starts to make sense. We have a full line of reliable, learning-ready products built to maximize dollars while improving outcomes.

  • Education-built notebook innovation for student-centric computing
  • Reliable desktop efficiency for any learning task
  • Powerful ThinkServer® support for local and cloud server needs
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