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7 Reasons to Choose the ThinkPad X131e Over the iPad for Your Classroom
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Maximize Learning, Minimize Maintenance

Transform traditional classrooms into 21st-century learning environments with the ThinkPad® X131e Chromebook™ notebook computer – a ruggedized, highly customizable laptop PC purpose-built for education. With an industry-leading boot time of 5 seconds and 1.5 seconds from standby coupled with 100 GB Google Drive Cloud Storage™ and a 16GB solid state hard drive, the X131e Chromebook notebook enables near-instantaneous learning from the second it is turned on.

Save money and time without compromising quality. Designed with the budget challenges of education in mind, Chromebook notebooks cost less than most high-end tablets and, according to the IDC, require 69 percent less labor to deploy and 92 percent less labor to support than desktops, laptops, or netbook computers.* Chromebook notebooks also simplify operations by allowing schools' IT teams to manage security and scalability through one dashboard.

The ThinkPad X131e Chromebook notebook enhances digital learning by providing students and teachers with quick access to thousands of apps and education resources through the Chrome Web Store. Students are able to easily create documents, edit spreadsheets, view multimedia videos, create slide show presentations, and view PDF documents using the built-in Google Apps for Education.

*Based on research performed by IDC, August 2012, "Quantifying the Economic Value of Chromebooks for K-12 Education"

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The best of Chrome OS™ operating system

  • Make the most of class time, take learning anywhere, and enhance collaboration:
    • Industry-leading boot up and wake times maximize the time available for learning
    • Take advantage of built-in Google Apps for Education and the Chrome Web Store to give educators the tools they need for today’s learning environment
    • Data is saved securely via Google Cloud Storage™ service, ensuring data integrity and giving students and teachers anytime access to the files they need
  • Give IT more time to focus on education:
    • The web-based management console makes it easy to centrally configure, track, and manage a district-wide fleet of Chrome devices as well as set up networking and proxy settings, pre-install and block apps, and control user access
    • Software and security updates download automatically, simplifying your to-do list
    • Easily share devices with multiple log-in support, guest mode, and managed public sessions

Rugged features add durability

Featuring reinforced hinges, top-cover cushioning with rubber bumper edges and Lenovo’s Active Protection System™ providing internal hard drive protection, the ThinkPad X131e was built to last on the go or in the classroom. The keyboard is spill-resistant and has reduced gaps between keys to prevent damage, while recessed USB and power ports were made to withstand heavy use.

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Connect and share with ease

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The X131e offers industry-leading wireless connections and is 3G ready for flexible access to the Web, while management tools such as the network activity light prominently located on the top front cover make it easy to monitor when students are online.

Multi-user support and multi-port connectivity to external devices give you the flexibility needed to share devices and information in a learning environment.

All-day performance

With up to 10 hours of battery life, students and educators can stay connected all day without worrying about plugging in while on the go. Additionally, Lenovo’s Power Management Software improves power efficiency by limiting the energy drain of idle processes – providing an extra surge of energy when needed most and stretching your computer's unplugged run-time and untethered learning to the max.

Extensive customization options

Promote your institution with custom color choices and logo-etching that give educators and administrators the look they want, while making computers quickly recognizable.

Customized Chromebook