IBM TS3100 Tape Library

IBM TS3100 Tape Library

IBM TS3100 Tape Library

Hervorragende Standalone-Bandautomatisierungslösung.

  • Die 2U-Bandbibliothek unterstützt die neueste Generation der LTO-Technologie.
  • Unterstützt die Fibre-Channel-Anbindung von LTO Ultrium 6 und 5 Bandlaufwerken (halbe Bauhöhe)
  • Webschnittstelle zur Remoteverwaltung der Bibliothek

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    Hervorragende Standalone-Bandautomatisierungslösung.

    • Leistungsmerkmale



      • Support the latest generation of Linear Tape-Open (LTO) technology with one LTO Ultrium 7 full-height tape drive or up to two LTO Ultrium 7 half-height tape drives, as well as LTO Ultrium 6, 5 and 4 tape drives using a 2U form factor
      • Offer outstanding capacity, performance and reliability with cost-effective backup, restore and archive for midrange storage environments
      • Manage libraries remotely through a standard web interface that supports flexibility and improved administrative control over storage operations

      The IBM® TS3100 Tape Library and its storage management applications are designed to exceed your capacity, performance, data protection, reliability, affordability and application requirements. The TS3100 is an excellent solution for large-capacity or high-performance tape backup with or without random access, as well as an excellent tape automation option for Lenovo System x servers and other open systems.

      With the use of one LTO full-height tape drive or up to two LTO half-height tape drives and with a 24-tape cartridge capacity, the TS3100 leverages LTO technology to cost-effectively handle growing storage requirements. The TS3100 is configured with two removable cartridge magazines and the left magazine includes a single mail slot to help support continuous library operation while importing and exporting media. A bar code reader is standard in the library, supporting the library’s operation in sequential or random-access mode. The TS3100 also comes standard with remote management capabilities to allow for remote administration of the tape library through a web interface. Path Failover is an optional feature for this library designed to provide automatic control path failover to a preconfigured redundant control path in the event that a host adapter or control path drive is lost, without aborting the current job in process.

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    • Technische Daten

      Technische Daten

      Verfügbare Modelle
      TS3100 Bandbibliothekmodell L2U 6173 L2U
      LTO 7: FH Fibre – ATP0/00WF765, HH SAS – ATP1/00WF767, HH Fibre – ATP2/00WF769, LTO 6: FH Fibre – AS1Y/00NA115, HH SAS – AS1Z/00NA117, HH Fibre – AS21/00NA119, LTO 5: FH Fibre – AS1S/00NA107, FH SAS – AS1T/00NA109, HH SAS – AS1U/00NA111, HH Fibre – AS1W/00NA113, LTO 4: FH Fibre – AS1M/00NA101, FH SAS – AS1N/00NA121, HH SAS – AS1Q/00NA105, HH Fibre – AS1P/00NA103
      Transparente LTO-Verschlüsselung
      Zusätzliche Magazine
      Rechte Seite: AS1F/00NA091, linke Seite: AS1J/00NA097
      LTO Ultrium Bandkassetten
      LTO 7: ATNZ/00WF771, LTO 6: AS24/00NA025, LTO 5: AS23/00NA023, LTO 4: AS22/00NA021
      LTO Ultrium Reinigungskassette
      Anzahl der Laufwerke/Bandkassetten
      1 – 2 / 24
      Anzahl der Mail-Steckplätze
      Physische Kapazität (komprimiert/nativ)
      angenommene Komprimierung 2,5:1 für LTO 7 und LTO 6, 2:1 für LTO 5 und LTO 4
      LTO 7: 15 TB/6 TB, LTO 6: 6,25 TB/2,5 TB, LTO 5: 3 TB/1,5 TB, LTO 4: 1,6 TB/800 GB
      LTO 7: 360 TB/144 TB, LTO 6: 150 TB/60 TB, LTO 5: 72 TB/36 TB, LTO 4: 38 TB/19 TB
      Datenübertragungsrate (nativ pro Laufwerk)
      LTO7: bis zu 300 Mbit/s, LTO6: bis zu 160 Mbit/s, LTO5: bis zu 140 Mbit/s, LTO4: bis zu 120 Mbit/s
      Abmessungen (B x H x T)
      17,6 Zoll (447,5 mm) x 3,84 Zoll (97,6 mm) x 31,9 Zoll (810 mm)
      17,6 Zoll (447,5 mm) x 3,44 Zoll (87,6 mm) x 29,13 Zoll (740 mm)
      15 kg ohne Rack
      Unterstützte Anschlüsse
      8 Gbit/s Fibre Channel (4 Gbit/s LTO4 volle Höhe), 6 Gbit/s SAS-Schnittstellen (3 Gbit/s LTO4 volle Höhe)
      Unterstützte Betriebssysteme
      Nativer Gerätetreiber-Support für bestimmte Lenovo Server und andere Open-System-Server auf Linux- und Microsoft Windows-Basis – aktuelle Supportinformationen:
      Drei Jahre, Kunden-Selbstreparaturservice in den meisten Ländern

      Die technischen Daten können je nach Region variieren.

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