Sustainability Policy

Lenovo is committed to ethical corporate citizenship and to promoting sustainability in all of its activities. We demonstrate these commitments through transparent and responsible management of our social, environmental, and economic values. These values respect and are informed by those of all of our stakeholders, including the communities with which we interact. The requirements listed below apply to Lenovo's worldwide operations. Every organization must support this policy and each manager and employee, as well as any contractor performing work on behalf of Lenovo, bears a personal responsibility to abide by the following principles:


  • Provide a safe, healthy, and enriching working environment for our employees
  • Be a fair and responsible member of the communities in which we operate
  • Work with our supply chain to ensure that Lenovo's values and expectations are upheld
  • Extend the benefits of Lenovo experience, products, and successes to the communities in which we operate and contribute to their development
  • As employees and as a company, be ethical and responsible citizens


  • Meet or exceed all environmental requirements wherever Lenovo does business
  • Maintain an awareness of potential environmental influence and strive to continually reduce the environmental impacts of Lenovo's operations, products, and services
  • Minimize Lenovo's climate change impact
  • Be a responsible steward of resources


  • Provide long term value for our investors and stakeholders
  • Enable our customers to improve their own economic situation by providing the best technology and solutions
  • Provide appropriate resources to fulfill these objectives

Each business unit at Lenovo is expected to incorporate sustainability objectives in their strategies and to continually improve their performance in this area.

Yuanqing Yang, Chief Executive Officer