Lenovo ThinkShield


Your company doesn’t have time for security breaches. That’s why we created ThinkShield, a customizable security platform brought to you by Lenovo. Our innovative portfolio of cutting-edge offerings protects you from today’s sophisticated cybercriminals—keeping you one step ahead.


At Lenovo, security begins with design and continues through supply chain, delivery, and the full lifecycle of the device. Our priority is protecting your business with each Lenovo product, from development through disposal.


Every Think device is engineered for security.

Trusted Supplier Program

We oversee the security and accountability of every supplier.

Secure Packaging

We ensure physical security via tamper-evident packaging, qualified transportation, and secure tracking.

Secure Disposal

At end of life, we wipe drives and securely recycle parts.

Device Security
Device Security
Stop threats to your physical device
Device Security
$3.6M is the average cost of a security breach.1

Stop threats to your physical device.

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Select offerings:

ThinkPad PrivacyGuard

Activate screen privacy at the touch of a button; user is notified if system detects visual hackers


Mechanical camera cover protects your privacy

Smart USB Protections

Locks out data transfer capabilities from all USB ports

Secure Docking

Physical lock keeps laptop docked, preventing walk-up theft

Ready-to-Provision Preload

Clean, custom preload that eliminates third-party software and allows for five customer-provided scripts to be installed in manufacturing

Asset Tagging Service

Prevents device theft through tamper-resistant adhesive tagging, etching on the cover, and/or unique BIOS-level tagging

Identity Security
Identity Security
Make sure your device knows you
Identity Security
Every 2 SECONDS someone’s identity is stolen. It’s the #1 type of data breach.2

Make sure your device knows you.

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Select offerings:

FIDO (Fast Identity Online)

Enables a simpler and safer authentication for logins and secure payments

Intel Authenticate Multifactor

Enables a simpler and safer authentication for logins and secure payments

Match-on-Chip Fingerprint Reader

Securely stores fingerprint information within the fingerprint chip, further insulating biometric information from hackers


Gives IT admins two-way connection to devices for remote risk assessment, prevention, and response

IR Camera for Windows 10 Hello Facial Recognition

Enables facial/biometric login authentication and glance-presence detection

Geofencing Security

A location-based method of authentication using GPS and/or network location detection

Online Security
Online Security
Avoid hacks and other online threats
Online Security
75% of organizations experienced phishing attacks in 2017.3

Avoid hacks and other online threats.

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Select offerings:


Uses virtualization to contain cyberattacks away from the endpoint or network (sandboxing)

Lenovo WiFi Security

Prevents users from exposing info on untrusted networks

Lenovo Unified Workspace

Enables IT to provide the right apps and content to the right users on any device


Allows IT admins to manage devices regardless of OS or form factor

Intel Software Guard Extensions

Enhanced software for integrity and confidentiality, protecting selected code and data from disclosure or modification

Data Security
Data Security
Keep your data yours
Data Security
2.6 billion records were
stolen in 2017.4

Keep your data yours.

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Select offerings:

Keep Your Drive Service

Allows customers to keep their drive/data after the drive is replaced under warranty


Protects data, ensures compliance, optimizes operations, and enables unified encryption across the enterprise

Online Backup (OLDB)

Allows enterprises to securely, simply, and automatically store confidential information in the cloud

USB Secure Hard Drive

Fully encrypted external storage device that requires numeric password for access

Intel Remote Secure Erase

Allows IT admins to remotely wipe an Intel SSD Pro drive on an AMT-enabled and -provisioned device

BitLocker Drive Encryption

Integrated encryption within the operating system to protect data on lost or stolen devices

Stay shielded from every angle

Explore Think products and ThinkStation, our premium PC lineups protected by ThinkShield.

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* Availability of features listed above may vary by system. Select premium security features carry a cost. Please see your account representative for details about a security solution that fits your business.

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