moto e7 Plus

moto e7 Plus

The night’s all yours with moto e7 plus. Take sharper, brighter photos and videos in any light with a 48 MP dual camera system and keep going night after night with a battery that goes for over 2 days.

light up the night

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Enjoy Premium Android Experience with the Motorola e-series Smartphone

You can't survive in today's world without a functional smartphone, and with the Motorola e-series smartphone, you get a premium experience for an affordable price. With a wide range of specifications packed into this classic smartphone at an affordable price, the Motorola E-Series smartphone packs a punch.

Luckily, you can purchase this device and many more at Lenovo has a wide range of smartphones, devices and accessories that you can look out for, and the Motorola e-series is part of our extensive collection.

From the moto e7i Power to the e7, shop smartphones in the Motorola e-series.

Motorola e-series – Great for Personal and Business Use

The Motorola E-Series smartphones come to you with an attractive design, impressive performance, long battery life and an affordable price. It’s one of the least expensive smartphones that you can purchase from Lenovo, so if you’re working on a tight budget, you’ll enjoy using this phone.

The E-Series is one of the many smartphone collections from Motorola, known as one of the companies that created the mobile communications industry. The first base station and first mobile phones were created by Motorola, but that’s just the beginning. As they have been in the communications industry since the beginning, which is over 80 years ago, it’s not surprising that Motorola is well-known among all smartphone users today.

Motorola ensures that all their smartphones are Android phones because this is the most popular operating system in the world. This is their way of renewing the commitment they made to customers since the time they started pioneering the industry.

Motorola focuses on offering its customers high quality, classic styles and overall Android experiences. They continue to do this by keeping up with the latest inventions and looking for new ways to change and improve the lives of others. With the Motorola latest phone, you can see that they're already achieving this.

  • Many Years in the Industry

    Motorola has been serving the mobile communications industry for over 80 years, which is way more than any other company in this industry. They have built based on their experiences and learned from their mistakes to become a better company. The best part is that, even if they have been in the industry for a long time, they continue to keep up with the trend and inventions, as you can see with the Motorola new phone featured on Lenovo.

  • Wide Catalog of Communication Devices and Accessories

    Apart from the Motorola e-series smartphone, there are many other mobile series and accessories that you can purchase, and many of them are featured on Lenovo. Some of their popular smartphones include the g Power and the g Stylus, all offering the same impressive quality as their other phones. The company also has smart products like wearables and security & surveillance products, as well as different kinds of accessories like auto accessories, chargers, cases and more. Apart from the e-series, other series include Motorola One, moto g, Motorola Edge and Razr.

  • Highly Reputable

    It's not surprising that Motorola is widely known in the mobile communications industry since they have been running for more than half a century. Lenovo is pleased to partner with a company with such an amazing reputation among consumers all over the world.

  • Widely Affordable Products

    When it comes to Motorola mobile phones, breaking the bank is never necessary. Their phones are known to be quite affordable, although this doesn’t mean that they’re of low quality. Instead, you can expect lots of inventive and novel features in the phones for a low price.

  • You can use Motorola mobile phones for personal purposes or convert them to a business phones for convenience. Regardless of what you do with it, Motorola offers high quality and that quality is offered here at

Motorola e-series Smartphone at Lenovo

You can pick one of the smartphones in the Motorola e-series and purchase it here at Lenovo offers a brilliant collection of mobile and smartphones from different leaders in the communications industry, and among them is Motorola. You can find the many series mentioned earlier here at, but for now, we’ll focus on the e-series smartphone.

There are different devices in the Motorola e-series collection. Let’s take a look at the main two offered by Lenovo.

moto e7

With an impressive starting price and even better features, the moto e7 mobile phone is inviting you to a brilliant Android experience. The phone is often considered a great buy for new or beginner smartphone buyers because it combines a great Android platform with a low price.

The phone might be budget-friendly, but don't let this discourage you, as it would pack a punch.

One of the highlights in its features is the 6.5” Max Vision HD+ Display, which you can use to capture sharp and bright pictures. Even at night, the camera on this mobile phone uses the 48MP sensor to pick even the littlest details. You can even get closeups with the camera by taking advantage of the Macro Vision whenever you zoom in.

The Motorola mobile phone features a sleek and simple design, and you can even choose the colour that you want before purchase. As for the audio, the phone has surprisingly good and strong sound.

The Moto e7 comes to you with different kinds of features that a standard Android phone must have, from the fingerprint sensor to the dual camera. The new phone was launched in November 2020 and is highly sturdy and durable, so you can use this budget phone for a long time.

You can purchase this phone from and start by lighting up the night with gorgeous pictures.

moto e7i power

Another mobile phone in the Motorola e-series that will leave you impressed is the moto e7i power. Although the device is even more affordable than the moto e7, it comes with a beautiful ultra-wide screen that allows you to enjoy watching movies, playing games and more with ease.

The moto e7i Power comes fitted with a fast-focusing dual camera that improves your picture-taking experience and the Macro Vision camera for vivid zoom-in that takes all the details with one click.

With over 40 hours of battery, what says business phone better than the moto e7i power. This smartphone would last for a long time without charging, and so you can enjoy the experiences longer. Whether you’re playing games, streaming music or browsing the web, the battery continues to hang on.

The mobile phone also comes in two gorgeous colours – Tahiti Blue and Coral Red and can be purchased here at Lenovo.

Shop Motorola e-series at

It’s time to upgrade your mobile phone, and you can do that at a super affordable price by just visiting the Motorola section at Whether it’s the moto e7, or you want a wider screen with the moto e7i power, you can order them today. Apart from the latest Motorola e-series, there’s a lot more to keep your eyes out for.

You can purchase different kinds of high-quality accessories and software to enhance your Moto e-series experience.

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