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Dirty Work

A moment of inspiration. An idea. A plan. That spark, when nurtured, can take on a life of its own, growing into something that gives back to the community and future generations. In this story, we follow a mother and her daughter, who see an opportunity to translate their personal convictions into community-wide change.

Our story begins with an enviro-conscious mother and daughter who always do their part to live clean, responsible lives. They recycle, reuse, and replenish every chance they get.

But after spending an afternoon out, they notice a problem in plaguing their community—endless amounts of waste. They get an idea that could help the neighborhood, the earth, and their own livelihood.

Filled with an entrepreneurial fire, and outfitted with ThinkBook, our heroes get to work. The plan? A composting business that can revolutionize their restaurant scene and local produce availability.

Relying on her ThinkBook, our hero works tirelessly with community members. Developing a business plan. Hiring a workforce. Building out a fully developed garden and greenhouse.

Now, the same food waste that plagued the community will supply the raw materials for sustainably sourced, rich soil that our hero will sell. And as the business blossoms, we see our hero’s unthinkable passion become a thriving, purpose-driven business.


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