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    NeXtScale Solution for SUSE Cloud provides all the necessary components for a validated, small, yet scalable, SUSE Cloud environment that is compatible with KVM, Xen, Microsoft HyperV, and VMware vSphere hypervisors running on NeXtScale systems.

    Build Your Own Private Cloud

    Cloud computing is at the forefront of new and exciting trends in enterprise IT.  By using cloud computing capabilities in the public cloud, businesses are able to leverage IT resources as they're needed, without having to make drastic preparations for peak load. Yet relying on public technology is not without risk. The solution to data storage is to build a private cloud for your business behind your firewall.

    Previously, deploying and maintaining a cloud was difficult to do and required extensive knowledge of clustering and virtualization. Now, as new management and implementation technologies are being offered, the difficulty associated with owning your own private cloud has dropped dramatically.

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