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Lenovo DCG Events

Lenovo Data Center Group (DCG) hosts and sponsors dozens of events each year. Visiting Lenovo DCG at any one of these events is a great way to learn more about our offerings. See live product demonstrations when you visit our event booth. We also offer opportunities to talk with subject matter experts as well as attend presentations, panel discussions and breakout sessions.

  • Lenovo Data Center webinars

    Lenovo Data Center events

    Lenovo WinterStock 2021

    Designed for the world’s premier HPC and AI professionals and decision makers, Lenovo WinterStock brings the experience of exploring our in-person NDA suite directly to your computer. Join us for exclusive 1:1, SME-led virtual tours focusing on the latest AI/HPC technologies. We’ll cater each hour-long event to the topics and hardware in which you are most interested. Depending on your desired topic, we can also arrange to have a SME from NVIDIA or Intel participate in your session. The event will include a full program of webinars on a multitude of HPC and AI topics from esteemed speakers from a variety of our customers and partners, including NVIDIA and Intel.

    January 25th-29th

    Find out more, reserve your 1-1 meeting, and plan your webinar program today

    Rapid Bytes, Big Insights! by Lenovo AI and NVIDIA: Loss Prevention in Retail

    One of the top two risks (and therefore priorities) for 50.8 percent of retailers in the last five years were internal theft. AI technology promises to not only cut out the losses but also ensure the safety and security of customers and associates.

    To watch this webinar on-demand,click here

    Rapid Bytes, Big Insights! by Lenovo AI and NVIDIA: City Surveillance and Crime Detection

    As the world population grows and cities become bigger, complex and hard to oversight. Artificial intelligence will be the digital brain underpinning surveillance cameras eyes, letting them analyze live video with unprecedented speed and accuracy. This could be good news for public safety, helping police and first responders more easily spot crimes and accidents.

     To watch this webinar on-demand, click here

    Rapid Bytes, Big Insights! by Lenovo AI and NVIDIA: IVA for Livestock Farming

    A massive growing population of swine farms is driving the focus on livestock monitoring and disease detection systems. The convergence of IoT and AI can return substantial cost-saving associated with livestock management.

    To watch this webinar on-demand,click here

    Rapid Bytes, Big Insights! by Lenovo AI and NVIDIA: The Future of Remote Training and Assistance

    The intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality is promising to revolutionize the learning and workplace training and remote assistance industry. AI can boost the capabilities of Immersive Mixed Reality applications resulting in improved engagement, retention as well as skills like mobility and situational awareness.

    To watch this webinar on-demand,click here

    Rapid Bytes, Big Insights! by Lenovo AI and NVIDIA: Fighting Social Emergencies

    During Social Emergencies, governments and business are aiming to prevent and track spread using faster and more accurate methods using IoT, Drones and AI technology.

    To watch this webinar on-demand,click here

    Rapid Bytes, Big Insights! by Lenovo AI and NVIDIA: A Eye for Quality Control

    From cosmetic damage to a product to disastrous malfunctions, in modern manufacturing unexpected errors are repeated more than most recognize, and often, companies are not aware of critical defects in products until it is too late. This episode will show how artificial intelligence solutions can be used for manufacturing defect detection.

    To watch this webinar on-demand,click here

  • Lenovo Study Tour ‘On Air’ Virtual Events

    Lenovo Study Tour ‘On Air’ Virtual Events

    Inspired by renowned and loved Lenovo Study Tour Program, this tailored virtual event series covers all you wanted to know about #LenovoDataCenter offering but were afraid to ask. Please join us for upcoming sessions:

    Trends Enabling Future-defined Datacenter

    In the IT industry ideas and technologies start as buzz words, then take hold and disrupt organizations finally resulting in the transformation of entire industries. With concepts and technologies like Hybrid Cloud, AI, Edge computing we are in a perfect storm. This session will try to make sense of some of these concepts and technologies and show how businesses in the EMEA region have harnessed them to transform their operations.

    To watch this event on-demand, click here

    Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Solutions

    Desktop virtualization has never been more relevant to business than today. It’s a powerful tool to address a variety of business challenges such as remote working and security of information and application while controlling end-user support costs. Whether you are deploying VDI for the first time, or about to refresh, join our experts as they explore the impact of Cloud, HCI, and the accelerators such as NVIDIA vGPU that has redrawn the VDI map.

    To watch this event on-demand, click here

    Cloud Solutions, the Engine for Digital Transformation

    No matter what your particular definition of digital transformation, speed and agility are key, and that’s where your cloud strategy becomes critical. Learn how Lenovo ThinkAgile platform - powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors— allows you to reach the ease and speed of public cloud with the control of on-premise IT.

    To watch this event on-demand, click here

    Smarter Infrastructure from Edge to Cloud

    To gain better business insights, companies are integrating technology such as Hybrid Cloud, Hyperconverged infrastructure, AI and Edge computing. The common denominator, the fundamental building block, is the server. This session will cover the fundamental platform development that makes all these technologies possible.

    To watch this event on-demand, click here

    Intelligent Transformation for a Data-Driven World

    Exploding data volumes present organizations with both challenges and opportunities. Lenovo enterprise class all-flash and hybrid storage solutions accelerate access to your data while empowering you to scale seamlessly from data center to cloud. All while keeping your business safe and running - day after day - and keep your data protected.

    To watch this event on-demand, click here

    Software Foundation for Smart Infrastructure

    Infrastructure transformation is the bedrock of business transformation. Having stable, secure and agile infrastructure is essential to make the most of your most valuable resource, your people. This session shows how organisations large and small are using powerful software tools to save time and money by harnessing the full capabilities of their IT systems.

    To watch this event on-demand, click here

    New Vector for Mission Critical Systems

    Modernizing datacenters in today’s data-critical world, demands new thinking. The cost and complexity reduction, and ability to expand to accommodate future growth are key, however can workload consolidation result also in the licensing fee and power and cooling optimization? Yes, it can! In this session we’ll discuss the unique portfolio of Lenovo’s mission critical solutions equipped with latest Intel® technology that redefines scalability by putting everything within reach.

    To watch this event on-demand, click here

    Towards AI New Reality

    The AI revolution is here, and it can transform everything from daily life to the production line. Join our experts as they explore why adoption of Artificial Intelligence is an essential tool in organization’s journey to digital transformation and how Lenovo solutions powered by NVIDIA GPUs and LiCO software stack enables the widest possible technology access to help you work smarter and with greater efficiency.

    To watch this event on-demand, click here

    Solutions From Exascale to Everyscale: Empowering High-Performance Business

    Did you know that supercomputers are used everywhere - from CAD design, oil field exploration, financial risk assessment, genome mapping to weather forecasting and essential research .. and there is more! In this session we’ll explore Exascale computing requirements and why liquid-based cooling technologies, like Lenovo Neptune™, can help solving humanity's greatest challenges.

    To watch this event on-demand, click here

    Lenovo Solutions for SAP

    Data is the most important asset of any enterprise. To gain better business insights – you need to take a full control of the growing volume, variety, and velocity of data. In this session we’ll delve into the Lenovo & SAP collaboration focused to deliver innovative datacenter solutions for the digital economy, all powered by the latest Intel® technology. Join our experts to learn how you can make your data work for you!

    To watch this event on-demand, click here

    Once travel restrictions are lifted, we look forward to welcoming you at the Lenovo Executive Briefing Center in Stuttgart, Germany. For more information www.lenovo.com/visitus

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    CES 2021

    January 11th-14th 2021

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    Events in February

    Study Tour ‘On Air’ : Modernizing IT Platforms with Lenovo & VMware

    2nd February & 9th February 2021

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    Study Tour ‘On Air’: Lenovo Services – Better Together

    16th February & 23rd February 2021

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    Events in March

    Microsoft Ignite

    March 2nd – 4th 2021

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    ISC High Performance 2021 Digital

    June 24th – July 2nd 2021

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    MWC Barcelona 2021

    June 28th – July 1st 2021

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