K-12 Back to School Checklist.

Make sure you have everything they need to succeed.

Whether your grade school student is learning from home long-term or just temporarily, Lenovo has tech that helps students excel.

  • Education Laptops

    Lenovo Laptop

    Having the right computer for the job can be crucial, whether you need a powerful high-end pc or just something to write papers.

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  • Tablets and Smart Devices

    Lenovo tablet with children drawings

    Digital classrooms come with a lot of digital content. Our tablets make reading, watching educational videos and playing learning games convenient and fun.

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  • Mice

    Lenovo black mouse

    Study smarter not harder. Using a mouse is proven to be more efficient than a trackpad.

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  • Headsets

    Lenovo Headsets

    Learning in a loud environment can be hard, and headphones, especially those with noise canceling, can really help students focus.

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  • Keyboards

    Lenovo Black Keyboards

    Modern laptops don’t always have a number pad, but your math homework doesn’t know that. A full size keyboard can help.

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  • Monitors

    Lenovo Monitor

    Multiple monitor setups are proven to increase productivity. See your work more clearly with a new monitor.

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  • Webcams

    Lenovo Webcam

    Let the teacher know you are there and paying attention. A Webcam can help maintain that personal touch to your education experience.

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  • Anything We Missed?

    Think of something not listed here? Chances are we have it. See all our accessories here.

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Online classes made easier

As the online classroom becomes an ever-increasingly accepted concept, the need for quality at-home tech also grows. At Lenovo, we offer some of the best laptops for online school to help kick off your grade school student’s online learning the right way – with limited or no hiccups.

A quality student laptop is generally the foundational piece of tech you'll need when setting up your student’s remote classroom. But it’s certainly not the only thing they’ll need.

The right tech for distance learning

Distance learning is highly interactive, and you’ll want to ensure your student is equipped to tune in and participate without issue. A quality headset or set of speakers, along with a high resolution webcam are essential items to keep both students and teachers effectively engaged.

Additionally, you’ll definitely want to consider picking up an extra mouse. While laptops generally feature built in trackpads or other scrolling devices, a dedicated mouse allows a bit more fluidity, precision, and speed as your student multitasks. And multitasking is made even easier when your student is given the extra real estate to easily swap or keep multiple screens visible as they work and watch simultaneously – consider an extra monitor for this reason.

When buying a laptop and additional tech to support your homeschooling student, as you can see, there are many considerations. Luckily, Lenovo has developed the handy K-12 checklist you’ve seen above, but there are also additional resources that can make your shopping journey a bit easier, such as our tips for buying a laptop for kids, or finding an affordable student laptop. Lastly, Lenovo offers student discounts and easy student financing to make your buying decisions just a bit less stressful.