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Accessibility Conformance

At Lenovo, our products and services are engineered with everybody in mind, including those with disabilities. As well as smart design, intuitive functionality, and industry best practices, we test and incorporate a variety of assistive technologies, such as screen readers and speech recognition software, to help everyone achieve more.

As part of our company’s accessibility policy, we have integrated a closed-loop process that builds in continual improvement. Accessibility is therefore a key factor throughout the design cycle. We also consult and discuss with individuals who have hearing, vision or mobility limitations to make our technology as accessible as possible. Click here for more information on our accessibility features.

Lenovo has teamed up with Level Access, an industry-leading accessibility services vendor, to ensure our products conform with U.S. Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and with the Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA) of 2010.

Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT)

A Voluntary Product Accessibility Template, or VPAT, was developed by the Information Technology Industry Council to show how an information and communications technology (ICT) product meets Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. Section 508 sets guidelines for how to enable ICT to be accessible and used by those with disabilities. Lenovo uses the VPAT as a way to assist U.S. Federal agencies and other customers in determining how Lenovo products address the requirements of Section 508 Standards.

To find a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template sheet quickly:

  1. Click the appropriate product group below
  2. Hit Ctrl-F on your keyboard to open your browser’s search function
  3. Type the product name in the search field; your browser will immediately highlight all matches on the page

If you are unable to locate a VPAT for a Lenovo product, please email your request to Remember to include the Lenovo product name, machine type/model or Lenovo option part number. Please allow 48 hours for a response.

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Explora Lenovo Go

Mouse inalámbrico Lenovo Go

Mouse inalámbrico USB-C Lenovo Go

Diseñado para trabajadores móviles, este Mouse brinda portabilidad y comodidad, y se puede usar en casi cualquier superficie gracias a su sensor óptico azul.

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Mouse inalámbrico para múltiples dispositivos Lenovo Go

Mouse inalámbrico para múltiples dispositivos Lenovo Go

Se puede emparejar con hasta 3 dispositivos y alternar sin esfuerzo entre ellos con solo pulsar un botón; no necesitarás más que este Mouse.

Desde :

59,00 €

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Cargador portátil USB-C para portátiles Lenovo Go

Cargador portátil USB-C para portátiles Lenovo Go (20 000 mAh)

Este cargador portátil cambia las reglas del juego para los teletrabajadores: permite cargar un portátil mediante un puerto USB-C con una enorme batería de 20 000 mAh de capacidad.

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Cargador portátil móvil inalámbrico Lenovo Go

Cargador portátil móvil inalámbrico Lenovo Go (10 000 mAh)

Elimina la molestia de cargar tus dispositivos. Con una batería de 10 000 mAh, puedes cargar de manera flexible tus dispositivos móviles, inalámbricos o alámbricos, a través de USB-C.

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Auriculares de botón USB-C ANC Lenovo Go

Auriculares de botón USB-C ANC Lenovo Go

Controla sin esfuerzo el ruido de fondo donde quiera que estés y disfruta de una experiencia de escucha y llamada nítida en todo momento.

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Auriculares ANC inalámbricos Lenovo Go

Auriculares ANC inalámbricos Lenovo Go

En la oficina o fuera de ella, siempre podrás escuchar y que te escuchen gracias a la potente cancelación activa de ruido incorporada y a la conectividad con tecnología Bluetooth®.

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