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Smarter Infrastructure Solutions for the Next Reality

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Improve your agility for the Next Reality with smarter infrastructure

Lenovo improves your agility and accelerates your digital transformation in the Next Reality with responsible innovation, including new as-a-Service offerings, resilient edge solutions, and zero-emissions computing strategies.


Smarter infrastructure solutions for the Next Reality

IT leaders face many challenges in the Next Reality as they contend for competitive advantage. They will struggle to keep pace with rising costs and declining operating budgets, with more pressure to drive innovation and oversee the digital transformation. To survive, organizations must innovate and leverage smarter infrastructure solutions. They will seek valuable insights from their data, whether created in the data center or at the edge. And they must demonstrate their commitment to be global corporate citizens and deliver products and services that meet environmental, societal, and governance standards.

Lenovo delivers on our commitment to smarter infrastructure solutions for the Next Reality by:

  • leveraging years of proven engineering prowess
  • nurturing our global partnerships and
  • developing responsible innovation

From new infrastructure solutions as-a-Service consumption options to resilient Edge-to-Cloud solutions and environmentally friendly computing strategies.

Innovate for the Next Reality

  1. Everything as-a-Service - Adopt a consumption-based approach using a complete infrastructure as-a-Service experience resulting in lower costs, greater efficiencies, and a solution so that you can focus on higher ROI initiatives.
  2. The Resilient Edge – Leverage an integrated, cost-effective, resilient edge solution that is easy to deploy, simple to operate, and maximizes edge workload performance.
  3. Zero-Emissions Computing - Build a sustainable and affordable path to reducing the carbon footprint from your data center without compromising performance and availability.
Lenovo As-a-Service - Person working at Lenovo monitor

Providing end-to-end capabilities delivered As-a-Service

Implement new solutions with cloud-like functionality and flexible, pay-as-you-go as-a-Service models featuring the control and security of an on-premises solution.

Lenovo Edge-to-Cloud - server mounted on wall

Navigate the Edge-to-Cloud frontier confidently

Use resilient, secure infrastructure solutions to mitigate security risks, data threats, and harsh environments. Lenovo’s resilient edge solutions are hardened for every environment, secure and remotely manageable, and endlessly connected.


Lenovo TruScale and Deloitte Cloud Managed Services - Digital globe and map

Simplify hybrid cloud management with Lenovo TruScale and Deloitte Cloud Managed Services

To address the complexity of managing hybrid and multi-cloud environments, Lenovo and Deloitte combine the benefits of Lenovo TruScale as-a-Service with Deloitte Cloud Managed Services, powered by OpenCloud. This solution helps organizations of all sizes realize greater financial agility, more IT efficiency, and better business outcomes.
Lenovo TruScale with Silicon-as-a-Service - Data Center racks

Supersize compute capacity on-demand using Lenovo TruScale with Silicon-as-a-Service

To help customers who struggle with overprovisioning their infrastructure, Intel has teamed with Lenovo to create a new Silicon-as-a-Service offering. Customers can quickly and dynamically adjust their capacity to meet workload and business requirements, without worrying about overprovisioning or waiting on new hardware.
Lenovo TruScale from preferred Lenovo Partner - digital segmented graph

Access Lenovo TruScale from your preferred Lenovo Partner

Partners have always been part of our as-a-Service solution, but now they can contract directly and own Lenovo TruScale end-to-end solution engagements with their customers. As a result, you can now access Lenovo smarter infrastructure solutions, along with your partner’s value-added services, all delivered as-a-Service.
Lenovo TruScale Infinite Storage - digital cloud

Get the latest storage innovation with Lenovo TruScale Infinite Storage

With the demands on IT environments to store, manage and secure data, it is essential that you leverage the latest in storage infrastructure solutions. Through Lenovo TruScale Infinite Storage, you’ll have access to the most current storage infrastructure innovation, for the life of your data, and can scale your storage capacity on-demand as needed.
Lenovo TruScale Edge-to-Cloud - digital cloud

Extend your managed solutions from Edge-to-Cloud with Lenovo TruScale for ThinkAgile HCI

Lenovo and industry-leading ISV partners Microsoft and VMware are providing hybrid cloud solutions for Edge-to-Cloud environments. Run hybrid cloud environments from the edge using Lenovo ThinkAgile MX with Microsoft Azure Stack HCI, or benefit from a managed hybrid cloud solution for running your business applications using Lenovo ThinkAgile VX HCI platform with VMware Cloud Foundation—delivered as-a-Service by Lenovo TruScale.
Resilient Edge - data over modern architecture

Confidently compute at the Resilient Edge for faster results

Extend your cloud capabilities to the edge and get the insights and benefits directly at the edge location for faster, more efficient results using Lenovo’s Edge Solution with VMware. This new resilient, small footprint and cost-effective edge solution is easy to deploy, simple to operate, and maximizes edge workload performance.
Lenovo Open Cloud Automation logo

Get better and faster results with Edge-to-Cloud Automation

Plan your data center cloud and edge strategy with Lenovo Open Cloud Automation (LOC-A) software, now available at the edge. This solution helps rapidly deploy, optimize, and manage cloud infrastructure for bare metal servers, containers, and virtual machines. It auto-discovers the resources, maintains an inventory of capacity, and configures the hardware and software so you can deploy your applications faster.
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Reduce carbon footprint without compromising performance and availability

Lenovo helps you to drive a zero-emissions computing strategy that delivers a sustainable and affordable path to reducing the carbon footprint from your data center without compromising performance and availability.

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