Woman using Lenovo Go accessories set up on a table at a coffee shop
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Feel liberated

The mobility you need to turn any space into a remote workspace

Our Lenovo Go remote and work from home accessories include wireless mice, headphones with Active Noise Cancelling, power banks, and more. These devices are designed to give you the ability to set up a workspace that’s as efficient as any cubicle. Make the beach your boardroom, or your backyard the corner office—Lenovo Go devices make remote work easy.

Man using Lenovo Go accessories in a home office setting
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Peace of mind

Take control from a distance

Lenovo Go remote work tools are designed to enhance your experience on Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and other VoIP tools, giving you the ability to govern meetings with your colleagues effortlessly. Bluetooth® headsets and speakers with noise cancelling microphones provide crystal-clear audio so that your guidance and leadership shines through to your colleagues as if you were standing next to them.

Woman using Lenovo Go accessories at kitchen table
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Feel empowered

Go where you want with the remote tech that you need

You're untethered from the confines of your company’s four walls, but that doesn't mean your mobile workspace has to be a mess of clunky accessories. Lenovo Go devices are compact and made for easy use, storage, and travel, so can be at your best wherever you decide to set up your remote office.

Man using Lenovo Go accessories in a shared office environment
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Be confident

Quality you can depend on

You need to depend on your devices working every time you turn them on, no excuses. Lenovo Go offers a line of field-tested products that keep you mobile and efficient no matter where your journey takes you. They also exude professionalism with clean, seamless designs that match your lifestyle.

Explore Lenovo Go

Lenovo Go Wireless active noise-cancelling headset, Front view
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Clear audio

Communicate with your team all morning, then spend lunch enjoying some music. Lenovo Go offers headphones and speakers that give you a great audio experience.

Lenovo Go Essential Travel Mouse, Front View
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Office level efficiency

Multitask on the road effectively with Lenovo Go’s wireless keyboards and mice. Enjoy desktop-level efficiency in compact, easy-to-use accessories.

Lenovo Go USB-C Power Bank, Front View
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Bountiful power

Lenovo Go offers long-lasting power banks that keep your devices going all day. So, sit wherever you want while you work—your devices will stay on.