SDS Solution with DataCore

SDS Solution with DataCore

SDS Solution with DataCore

Highly available, high-performance software defined storage

  • Software defined storage for Block & File
  • Seamlessly complement or replace existing storage
  • Single pane of management across all storage
  • Industry leading performance
  • Affordably scale-up or scale-out
  • Enterprise-grade Lenovo systems

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Highly available, high-performance software defined storage

  • Features


    Modern Storage Platform

    The Lenovo Software Defined Solution with DataCore is a software-defined storage (SDS) offering designed to help customers efficiently manage increasing storage complexity and demands. It pools diverse storage assets, letting you run more workloads with better performance and availability. It also provides easy scalability and single pane management.

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    Accelerates Performance

    The SDS Solution with DataCore speeds up your application’s response times using DataCore's Multi-Core Parallel I/O Technology. In combination with Lenovo ThinkSystem's powerful processors and high-speed RAM caching, this parallel I/O technology provides your users with a significant improvement in overall application speed and your business with increased productivity.

    Supports Legacy Storage

    The SDS Solution with DataCore takes isolated storage devices, sometimes spread between different locations, and places them under one common set of enterprise-wide services. It pools their collective resources, managing them centrally and uniformly despite the differences and incompatibilities among manufacturers, models and generations of equipment in use. The net result is faster performance, higher availability and greater cost savings across your company through consolidation.

    Fits Any Environment

    With DataCore on Lenovo ThinkSystem servers, you get more efficiency and performance out of your storage infrastructure. Scale up or scale out your software defined storage solution with:

    • ThinkSystem SR630 - a 1U 2-processor system that provides high performance and a large storage capacity;
    • ThinkSystem SR650 - a 2U 2-processor system designed for speed and expansion with flexible storage and I/O options; or
    • ThinkSystem SR950 - a powerful 4U 8-processor system for workloads requiring large memory and storage capacity

    Lenovo ThinkSystem SR950, SR650, SR630 Products
  • Tech Specs

    Tech Specs

    Description Specifications
    Storage Software DataCore
    Scale-Up or Scale-Out Storage Use two server nodes for synchronous mirroring then scale with more nodes (scale out) or external storage (scale up)
    Data Availability and Integrity Synchronous Mirroring, Asynchronous Replication, CDP, Snapshots/ Backup, Metro-cluster support
    Data Acceleration Multi-Core Parallel I/O processing, high-speed caching, Auto-tiering, Random Write Accelerator, QoS
    Data Optimization Storage Pooling, Thin Provisioning, Deduplication/ Compression, nondisruptive Data Migration
    Systems Management Lenovo XClarity Administrator with mobile option; Lenovo XClarity Pro software bundle; Lenovo XClarity Energy Manager; IMM2.1
    Specifications may vary depending upon region
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