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Laptop for School Kids

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K-12 Student PCs & More

Browse, buy & save on PCs tailored for your student’s grade. Don’t forget to get your exclusive discounts through our Parent Purchase Program.

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Find your next best laptop for high school students or best laptops for high school students


The prospect of supporting your child through 12 years of grade school can often be a daunting one. Throughout those years, the student in your life is going to have a plethora of needs: one year they may be preparing for the performance of a lifetime in the school play, and the next they may be hitting the pitch as they explore if they're set to be the next great star in the great game.


But throughout it all, there are going to be studies and activities that require the regular use of a reliable laptop. You and your student are going to have plenty to keep up with the years between adolescence and their first steps towards self-sufficiency as they head off to college, so let Lenovo take some of the stress out of your preparation for their success.


We're here and ready with some of the best deals on the most reliable and stylish – because style might just matter a bit around the schoolyard – laptops for school kids around. So, don't cut too deeply into your finances, and at the same time ensure your child has the latest technology that won't hold them back in their studies.


For each level of K-12 studies, we have top suggestions outlined below to help you make the best decision on what's to be your student's next laptop.


Our best laptop for elementary students


Laptops serve many purposes for everyone, but elementary kids have diverse interests. This is why you must find the best kid computer, one that can fulfill their unique needs. Keep in mind that some laptops are better equipped to handle different functions than others, depending on the computer's hardware and level of performance. So, we recommend that you consider your kid's interests first before purchasing.


Most kids are into gaming, and there has never been a better time to be a gamer. This is because there are even child-friendly games that can be played on kids computer. If gaming is your child's passion, you need to find a laptop suitable for their needs to get the best gaming experience. With the many models in the market, it can be tough to narrow them down and find the perfect one. However, if you're armed with a list of the most critical factors you should consider when choosing the best computer for kids who like to game, you'll be all set.


Pay close attention to features such as;


·         Display and graphic cards: The most vital aspect of the best gaming laptop for kids is the visual element. The screen needs to be big and clear enough to ensure your child appreciates the game graphics. For this, 15.6-17 inch screens are the most common for gaming.


        RAM: When buying a laptop for gaming, you may need to pay close attention to the RAM. The more RAM a computer has the more processes that can run at any single time. 8 GB RAM should be the minimum when considering a laptop for basic gaming. If your child is into more advanced gaming, you should look at getting a computer with 16GB or 32GB RAM.


        CPU: This Central Processing Unit is a crucial part of the laptop because it determines how quickly and effectively it is. The minimum CPU for a gaming computer is an Intel Core i5 processor. It can be frustrating for a gamer if the CPU isn't up to standard. Not only is the Core i5 a decent processor good for gaming, but it's also crucial in keeping many tabs open and streaming live matches and movies without interruption.


If you're still unsure of the best laptop for kids to get, we recommend the Lenovo Chromebook. It is the perfect laptop for the classroom and beyond!


Our best laptops for middle school students or laptops for middle school students


Middle school students are a little advanced, so their needs are more specific. This is also where most kids start discovering their talents. So, if your child is big on digital art, getting any laptop won't do. This is because pen and paper have nothing on a great laptop when it comes to essential tools for an artist, including programs. Instead, your child will need a powerful laptop that is equipped to handle graphics. Some of the factors you should keep in mind when choosing the best laptops for kids include:


        A large screen with high resolution: Big screens are excellent and comfortably fit your child's digital drawing tools. They come in handy when they need to see their designs clearly when drawing. The resolution also has to be powerful so that the colors and details are sharp and vibrant. If possible, you should consider getting your child a screen with a rotatable screen so that it can double up as a drawing tablet.


        Performance: You want to have a system that can run several programs without lagging, which can annoy your child and disrupt their creativity juices from flowing. A powerful processor is essential to keep up with them.


        Long battery life: You should ensure the laptop you choose can last at least 10 hours on a full charge. This will make it possible to create art even when you're on the move. The IdeaPad Flex Series 2 in 1 laptop have specifically been designed for life on the go and is a portable multimode laptop with all-day battery life and next-gen performance. It is the best laptop for school kids, and your child will absolutely love it! 


Our best laptop for high school student


Some people believe that high school shapes our future, and we agree. This is where kids start discovering what they are interested in, and if you motivate them, they'll start pursuing their passions fearlessly. Part of this encouragement involves getting them the right tools such as a next-gen laptop for high school—- beasts that can balance productivity and performance.


Maybe your child's dream is to be a programmer. One of the ways to support them is by getting them a laptop that is optimal for them to grow their coding skills. While most laptop models are marketed for creativity, business and gaming, it might be hard to find a good laptop for coding. Take a look at the essential characteristics that programmers prioritize when getting a kids desktop computer:


        Display: If portability isn't an issue, try to get your child a laptop with a big screen that gives them more space to work with. The laptop display is one of the important things that programmers consider. This makes sense because they'll spend 99% of the time looking at the screen.


        Operating system: You will need to pick the proper OS depending on your child's preferred programming language.


        Keyboard: A good keyboard is one of the laptop peripherals most unappreciated for programmers. However, your child will appreciate a decent keyboard since they will be spending most of their time typing away on it. Find out what your child likes when picking the best keyboard for them.


        Storage: It would be best to consider a good laptop for high school student with an SSD for quick performance. This will allow the laptop to work fast no matter the task, which is a big deal for a programmer. It is preferable to have a 512GB SSD or more.


To be on the safe side, you should consider the IdeaPad Flex Series 2 in 1 laptop and Yoga Series 2 in 1 laptop. They are the best computer for high school and you can never go wrong with them!


Our best laptops for Elementary students


For elementary students, we highly recommend a Lenovo Chromebook built for education. Chromebooks are incredibly intuitive, always-online devices that are a breeze to use – perfect for a young, developing mind. What's more, they're one of the most affordable student laptops around. With an extensive and ever-growing library of fun and educational apps, Chromebook is one of the most trusted devices by parents and teachers throughout their student or child's formative years. Fast forward five years – and we're confident a tough and reliable student Chromebook will last that long – and the lines begin to blur.


As your student enters the middle school and high school years, we suggest the best high school laptops with a bit more overall capability and open-ended features – one that might easily power their studies throughout their remaining seven years in grade school. By the time your student enters their middle school years, they'll likely be ready to take hold of the type of technology you are probably using on a daily basis: Word processing, email, research tools, file sharing, and more.


Plus, everyone loves choice, and by this time, your student will probably be ready to start forming many more choices of their own. Enter our best laptops for high school students that not only offer more access to a wider ecosystem of tools than Chromebook but also lets you use your laptop in new and dynamic ways. With the best laptop for high school, you can jot, draw, and take notes right on the screen with the tip of your finger or the accuracy of a stylus pen. You can also flip these devices around 360 degrees and use them as you would any traditional tablet computer.



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