OEM Solutions


OEM Solutions

Shift your focus from operation to innovation

With Lenovo OEM, you'll get innovative technology that lives up to your product standards, including the highly-respected Lenovo brand, our award-winning world-wide support, and flexible OEM programs which deliver excellent solutions at a low cost.

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    Shift your focus from operation to innovation

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  • Overview


    Reliability and performance

    Lenovo offers OEM customers a faster time-to-market by running your solutions on the industry's fastest1 and most reliable IT hardware—designed, built, delivered, and serviced by Lenovo. You get the performance, security, and reliability you need across our entire portfolio of products and services.

    Lenovo’s OEM solutions offer a level of flexibility unmatched in the industry. Our highly innovative products and over three decades of OEM experience position Lenovo to become your trusted partner for your hardware needs. With solutions for a wide variety of vertical applications, you get the industry’s leading hardware, up to 5-year product life cycles, supply chain and logistics management and so much more. We can customize the branding of the solution to meet your requirements with custom bezels, firmware screens and packaging.

    Our high performance, highly reliable and secure servers, storage and networking products will elevate your solution and provide exceptional customer satisfaction. So whether you need to embed compute into your existing products or want to productize your application specific software solution on a hardware platform, Lenovo has the right product to meet that need.

    Let our innovation work for you.

    1As of March 2018

  • Predictability


    Solutions you can trust

    Lenovo OEM Solutions are available from the account teams you know and trust. We offer value-added, complementary services and provide the resources and capabilities you need to bring your solutions to market rapidly and efficiently, including:

    • Certified integration facilities for building, testing, and shipping your solution
    • Customization capabilities to add your colors, product name, and branding
    • Stable, long life products, including:
      • 5 year product life
      • Frozen firmware
      • Fixed hardware configurations
      • Smooth predictable transitions
    Data Center Solutions SMB Subseries Feature


    Long Life servers

    Lenovo Long Life servers with 5 year product life

    • ThinkSystem SR650 — A 2-socket rack server designed for speed and expansion, with flexible storage and I/O, and industry #1 reliability for business-critical workloads.
    • ThinkSystem SR630 — The versatile, highly reliable 1U 2P rack server is designed to handle most data center workloads, from IT infrastructure and HPC to cloud and hyperconverged.
    • ThinkSystem SR590 — Budget-friendly 2U rack server, offering high availability, high reliability, high performance, high security, easy management, and quick servicing.
    • ThinkSystem SR570 — Budget-friendly 1U rack server, offering high availability, high reliability, high performance, high security, easy management, and quick servicing.
    • ThinkSystem SR550 — The 2U 2P rack server is designed for a balance of processing power, storage capacity, and cost. It provides selectable I/O options and tiered systems management.
    • ThinkSystem SR530 — An ideal budget-friendly, two-processor, 1U rack server, designed to tackle entry cloud, hosting, file serving, and scale-out workloads.
    • ThinkSystem ST550 — A 4U tower server that provides the performance and reliability you expect from the data center, delivered in a package optimized for office environments.
  • Innovation


    Industry leader in innovation

    Lenovo offers industry-leading, high-performance hardware (121 current #1 benchmarks*) with the best available reliability and security, “five 9’s” uptime, and dependable achievement of SLAs.

    Lenovo offers an early sample and evaluation unit program using the latest technologies. This enables you to begin developing and testing your solution quickly, so you can get it to market faster, grow your market share, and increase revenue.

    *As of September 14, 2018

    121 World Record Benchmarks


  • Partnership


    Make Lenovo your technology partner

    Trust Lenovo to be your technology partner. We will work with you every step of the way to provide the ideal hardware solution on which to base your unique offering. Lenovo can add the missing pieces to your solution, saving you resources and false starts. This increases your productivity and allows you to focus on growing your business.

    Leverage our premium engineering and decades of experience with customized solutions to meet your unique requirements, including:

    • Compute solutions
    • Storage & Networking solutions
    • Product life cycle management
    • Access to early evaluation hardware
    • Tailored support plans
    Build a custom Lenovo solution


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