Solutions for SMBs


Solutions for SMBs

Lower your costs with customized solutions from Lenovo

Lenovo can help SMBs lower their total cost of ownership (TCO) with an industry-leading portfolio of hardware, software, and services. Collaborate with Lenovo experts to free up your employees so they can do their jobs and not have to waste time figuring out how to design and manage the best IT solution for your business.

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    Lower your costs with customized solutions from Lenovo

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    Total cost of ownership

    When most people think about total cost of ownership (TCO) they think of purchase price, electricity, and floor space. Our aggressive pricing, unique time-to-bid cycles, energy efficiency, and compact designs can save you money in those areas. However, there are also hidden costs that any small business needs to consider, including:

    • Security, reliability, and performance
    • The future cost of Cloud vs. starting off in-house
    • Reducing data center complexity
    • Adopting and integrating new technologies when it makes sense
    • Obtaining personalized and tailored IT services vs. being a nameless account

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    Total cost of ownership


  • Reliability & Performance

    Reliability & Performance

    The industry's most reliable servers

    Every minute of downtime costs you money, whether because of lost sales, lost productivity, lost credibility, security breaches, or other reasons. Using the most reliable x86 servers in the industry can lower your TCO.

    Whether your systems are down because of hardware failure or DoS attack, you’re losing business either way. Because of this, we engineered ThinkSystem servers from the ground up with the latest security features and practices to keep your systems running and safeguard your data and your customers’ sensitive information. This helps your bottom line.


    Reliability & Performance


    The industry's fastest servers

    Lenovo x86 servers are the fastest in the industry1. In fact, we are the world’s largest supplier of supercomputers, all built using standard Lenovo x86 servers. Faster servers get work done sooner, handle more workloads, and can reduce the number of servers you need. This lowers acquisition cost, and the expenses for energy, floor-space, admin time, etc., to save you even more money.

    1As of March 2018.


    The fastest servers


  • Cloud vs. In-House

    Cloud vs. In-House

    Keep your data in-house and save money

    It’s tempting to put everything on the Cloud and let someone else deal with maintaining everything. But as your business grows, so will your Cloud expenses. And what about privacy and security? Lenovo can help you keep your data in-house to meet your needs, so you won’t have to surrender control.


    Keep your data in-house and save money


  • Reduce Complexity

    Reduce Complexity

    One stop shopping

    We offer everything from Moto Z Force smart phones and world-renowned ThinkPad laptops to servers, storage, networking, and the IT services needed to make everything work together seamlessly. Plus, our world Top 25 supply chain enables us to do it quickly and inexpensively. Sourcing everything from one vendor can dramatically lower your costs.


    One place for all your computing needs


    Simplify adoption of new technologies

    Many new and emerging technologies show great potential for revolutionizing how SMBs conduct business and interact with customers. AI/Machine Learning, Augmented/Virtual Reality, personal assistants (Cortana, Bixby, etc.), and the Internet of Things (IoT) are a few examples. The experts at Lenovo can ease your adoption and integration of these technologies.


    Artificial Intelligence


  • IT Services for SMBs

    IT Services for SMBs

    Plan & design

    Whether you’re a small SMB with an “IT staff” of one, or a larger SMB dealing with unfamiliar hardware or software for the first time, the process of adopting new technology can be daunting and time-consuming. Lenovo IT Services can help you reach your goal quickly and effectively with a minimum of fuss.


    Plan & design


    Premier support services

    Day-to-day operations consume more than two-thirds of a typical SMB’s tech budget, as well as most of the IT staff’s time. With Lenovo Premier Support, you benefit from direct access to a live, skilled technician, end-to-end case management, and on-demand remote system analysis, allowing you to refocus on your business’ core competencies.

    Premier support services

    Deployment & installation services

    When investing in new IT infrastructure, your business needs quick time-to-value with little or no disruption to daily operations. Our development and engineering teams will own your deployment process from delivery to completion, for a seamless deployment. Plus, your IT people can leverage our skills to help them transition to higher-level roles and tasks.

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