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Home office accessories

When working from home or learning from home, you’ll definitely need all the right home office accessories, and Lenovo has them. Our vivid ThinkVision displays are ideal for your home office as they help reduce eye strain while promoting productivity with unique business features. Lenovo professional mouse & keyboard sets are world renowned for their comfort and accuracy, and our ThinkPad laptop docks let you connect & disconnect all your devices with a single plugin – so you can come and go with your laptop with the greatest of ease. And don’t forget our reliable home office printer options, powerful computer speakers (because at home you can blast your work tunes out loud), and noise cancelling headsets for all those conference calls.

Work from home accessories from Lenovo

With so many companies encouraging employees to work from home and students taking online courses, it has never been a better to time equip your home office for work or school. It’s all about outfitting your designated room or space with home office accessories customized for your work or study needs. Whether you’re looking for a laptop, monitor, or printer, our accessories can help your home office setup be productive.

Whether you’re a professional working from home, a student learning from home, or an employer orchestrating the remote workforce management of your employees, Lenovo has all the home office laptops & computer accessories you’ll need to do your best work from the comfort of your own home.

Our best laptop for home office work and study

Do you like to move from room to room when working from home? Consider the incredibly slim and light ThinkPad X Series laptop line, which includes our flagship ThinkPad X1 Carbon, which we believe is the best laptop for working from home in our portfolio. Our ultra-rugged Lenovo ThinkPad laptops keep on kicking even after the occasional drink spill or the unforeseen drop, so you never have to worry about a drop in productivity. So, check out our ThinkPad lineup today and see which model is the right for your business needs.

Want a home office PC that can easily shift from being a tool for business or school to something a bit more fun? With a versatile Lenovo laptop, you can have both! The X1 Yoga adapts to any situation & offers a brilliant display for all the entertainment possibilities you’ll consider after a hard day’s work or school is done and it’s time to relax.

Best computer for business

Looking for something that stays in your home office? Lenovo ThinkCentre desktop PCs and small form factor computers (for those tight spaces) may be your best bet. Or consider a ThinkCentre all in one PC model to free up even more space!

Home office furniture

Comfort, style and organization. Our selection of attractive home office furniture includes chairs, desks, and storage solutions. Our ergonomic chairs help you avoid neck kinks and back pain. While the spacious desks and storage solutions give you plenty of room to work and keep you organize.