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Secured-core PCs

Deep security across every facet

Meet the Secured-core PC, with security deeply integrated across hardware, firmware, and software. Incorporating Lenovo’s ThinkShield options, ThinkPad Secured-core PCs offer the highest level of protection available out of the box. Please contact your Lenovo Sales rep for additional information.

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A new class of secure PCs

By deeply integrating hardware, firmware and the Windows operating system, Secured-core PCs are constantly protected against threats. Their security is rooted in hardware and guarded with secure, evolving, cloud-based software to protect your data and identities. Boot securely, protect your device from firmware vulnerabilities, shield the operating system from attacks, and prevent unauthorized access to devices and data.

Better together with ThinkShield

ThinkPad Secured-core PCs combine the best of Microsoft and Lenovo to offer hyper-secure laptops to protect your bottom line. ThinkShield—a customizable security platform by Lenovo—delivers the most comprehensive end-to-end security offerings in the market. Its combination with the Windows kernel-level protection of the Secured-core PC ensures your company’s data stays safe.

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  • Operating System
  • Display
  • Memory
  • Battery Life
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